Indonesia’s Frasindo Set to break into the Cryptocurrency Market

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Frasindo, Indonesia’s rapidly expanding car rental company is set to break into the cryptocurrency market with the launch of their Fras Coin token.

Frasindo’s solution to the many issues surrounding the cryptocurrency market is to provide a coin with its foundations backed by physical assets in the form of vehicles. These vehicles provide the routine income from which Frasindo was built.

Frasindo provide a multitude of vehicles for Uber, Grab, and Go Car as Online Taxi. The investments generated from the purchase of Fras Coins will allow Frasindo to continue the expansion of their rental armada and the different start-up projects submitted by community.

It is ensuring the coin will always be backed by physical assets, and gave birth to a lot of start-up projects at the same time, in which those projects will generating child-tokens and be free giveaway to Fras Coins holders.

Frasindo also has a voting mechanism in place which will allow investors to vote or submit their own ideas, on the next course of action for the company expansion as stated by their roadmap expansion plan.

PT Frasindo Lima Mandiri was founded in 2013. The company will become the use case of blockchain technology, mentored by the NXT Foundation.