PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (IDX: BMRI) eyes fresh funding from local bond around Rp1 trillion (US$66.67 million), said the company in a prospectus released on Monday (05/04) - Photo by Kontan

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories)PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (IDX:BMRI), to expand its businesses to Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, the director told reporters on Monday (12/09). While, the shareholders appoints Royke Tumilaar as the new CEO and vice minister for State Own Enterprises (SOEs) Kartika Wirjoatmodjo as the chairman of the state-owned bank.

The government also appointed former president director of PT Mandiri Sekuritas, Silvano Rumantir as finance and strategy director to replaced Panji Irawan. In addition, the shareholder also picked Chatib Basri as the deputy chairman of the lender.

According to the director, Darmawan Junaidi, Bank Mandiri intends to acquire or merge with banks in Philippines. There are huge opportunities in the country as not many retail banks operate there, he adds.

He asserted, the lender will use the Qualified ASEAN Banks arrangement to enter Malaysia and in Vietnam, the lender will open new office focusing in micro financing. To support the plan, the state-owned bank will optimize their own capital. He explained, the expansion is part of the company long-term plan.

Tapped as the new CEO, Tumilar, who previously served as the corporate banking director, Bank Mandiri‘ focus would be virtually the same as the prior work programs designed by the previous leader. He conveyed the lender would focus on three programs.

“First, we will cement the collaboration between the wholesale and the retail sectors. Then, we would continue its ongoing digital transformation or digital banking. And we would also focus on supporting credit channeling in the commercial sector and the micro, small and medium enterprises,” he told reporters after the shareholders meeting in Jakarta.

New Board of Director and Commissioner of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk:

CEO : Royke Tumilaar
Deputy CEO : Sulaiman Arif Arianto
Director of Consumer and Retail Transaction : Hery Gunardi
Risk Management Director : Ahmad Siddik Badruddin
Information Technology Director : Rico Usthavia Frans
Director of Treasury, International Banking, and Special Asset Management : Darmawan Junaidi
Director of Corporate Banking : Alexandra Askandar
Director of Compliance and HR : Agus Dwi Handaya
Director of Institutional Relations : Donsuwan Simatupang
Director of Commercial Banking : Riduan
Director of Finance and Strategy : Silvano Winston Rumantir
Operation Director : Panji Irawan

Chairman : Kartika Wirjoatmodjo
Deputy Chairman/Independent: Muhamad Chatib Basri
Independent Commissioner : Mohamad Nasir
Independent Commissioner : Robertus Bilitea
Independent Commissioner : Makmur Keliat
Commissioner : Ardan Adiperdana
Commissioner : R. Widyo Pramono
Commissioner : Rionald Silaban

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