JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Jakarta Composite Index was closed up 0.67 percent to 6,325.71 from previous trading which was closed down 0.16 percent to 6,310.49. For today, the composite index is estimated to rise in the range of  6,367-6,381.

Top Gainers

On Thursday, the top gainers were PT Radana Bhaskara Finance Tbk (IDX: HDFA) and PT Mahaka Media Tbk (IDX: ABBA) which was closed up 34.64 percent to Rp206 per share and 27.45 percent to Rp195 a piece, respectively.

Top Losers

While, the top losers was PT Bliss Properti Indonesia (IDX: POSA) after closed down 25 percent to Rp420 each, followed by PT Century Textile Industry Tbk (IDX: CNTX) decreased by 21 percent to Rp474 a share.

PT Bluebird Tbk (IDX: BIRD)

The taxi operator together with Mitsubishi UFG and Finance Co Ltd and PT Takari Kokoh Sejahtera, inaugurating the operation of PT Balai Lelang Caready on Thursday (06/27), which is one of the largest vehicle auction centers in Indonesia. The managing director, Noni Purnomo said that the inauguration was part of the ongoing efforts to diversify and develop the business of Blue Bird.

PT Bank Danamon Tbk (IDX: BDMN)

The medium lender signed a memorandum of understanding with Investree, a pioneer in peer-to-peer lending marketplace in Indonesia, to open funding accounts and direct debit features for investment purposes. The new services also support implementation of the inclusion and financial literacy program endorsed by the Financial Services Authority.

PT Bumi Teknokultura Unggul Tbk (IDX: BTEK)

The company targets the sales of Rp1 trillion (US$70.42 million) for this year, up 10-15 percent from 2018. The company also plans to do private placement by releasing 4.62 billion shares of Rp439.5 billion.

PT Radiant Utama Interinsco Tbk (IDX: RUIS)

The issuer received new contracts worth of Rp4.5 trillion until first quarter of 2019. It is derived from the contract for operation support, agency and offshore and inspection.

PT Meta Epsi Tbk (IDX: MTPS)

Met Epsi targeting the new contracts grow two times of 2018 which was Rp800 billion. The contributors of contract were seven projects from Perusahaan Listrik Negara.

PT Cita Mineral Investindo Tbk (IDX: CITA)

The mining company aimed to expand its purification and processing Smelter Grade Alumina in West Kalimantan. Citra Mineral will do this exploration through PT Well Harvest Winning Alumina Refinery with the capacity one million ton a year.

PT Sejahteraya Anugrahjaya Tbk (IDX: SRAJ)

The medical service firm targeting this year revenue could reach of Rp1 trillion. As March 2019, the company booked revenue of Rp250 billion.

For today, PT Binaartha Sekuritas recommended PT AKR Corporindo Tbk (IDX: AKRA), PT Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk (IDX: BBTN), PT Delta Dunia Makmur Tbk (IDX: DOID), PT HM Sampoerna Tbk (IDX: HMSP), PT Mayora Indah Tbk (IDX: MYOR) and PT Bukit Asam Tbk (IDX: PTBA) stocks to be watched.

US$1: Rp14,200

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Written by Linda Silaen and TIS Intelligence Team, Please Read Our Insight to Get More information about Indonesia