The opposition legal team when filing the lawsuit to the Constitutional Court on Friday (05/24). Photo: Privacy.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno camp filed a lawsuit to the Constitutional Court on Friday (05/24), in an effort to overturn Joko Widodo – Maruf Amin victory in the 2019 Presidential Election. The opposition’ lawyers team provided a list of 51 election fraud proofs to the court.

The proofs presented is written evidence, statement of the parties, witness statement, statement of expert, information from other parties, other evidence, and instructions. The proofs will be completed again.

“Hopefully this will be part of realizing a democratic country based on the rule of law. We believe that the Constitutional Court will be an important part of this whole process,” said head of the lawyers team Bambang Widjojanto while handing over a thick file to the court clerks.

Although more challenging than 2014, the opposition legal team believes they can prove at least 100 cheats in 100,000 to 200,000 polling stations, considering the difference between the two candidates is 16.9 million votes.

The General Election Commission’ (GEC) final recapitulation showed Widodo – Amin obtained 85,607,362 votes (55.5 percent) of the total national legitimate votes. While Subianto – Uno received 68,650.39 votes (44.5 percent).

However, Subianto has alleged that the presidential election was rigged and questioned the validity of more than 17 million voters in the voter list, the existence of money politics, preprinted ballots, errors in data entry by the GEC, and exploitation of state resources to win the incumbent.

The pre-trial hearing will be held on June 14 for all parties concerned, including lawyers representing Subianto – Uno, as well as the GEC and the incumbent’ campaign team, to resolve legal and procedural matters before the trial begins.

The judges will hear evidence about this case from June 17 to 21. Then will discuss the case between June 24 and 27, before issuing his verdict on June 28. The decision is final and legally binding.

Subianto – Uno‘ lawsuit is being handled by a legal team led by former corruption investigator Bambang Widjojanto, who in 2010 succeeded in reversing the results of regional head elections in which candidates had a 10 percent difference in the winning votes.

Widjojanto has a number of flashy track records, starting from the leadership of the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation, founder of a Kontras nonprofit organization, founder of the National Law Reform Consortium, to Indonesian Corruption Watch chief for the period 2011-2015

There are three final decision options that can be issued by the Court, namely the application cannot be accepted, the application is rejected, and the application is granted.

The application cannot be accepted when the applicant and his claim do not meet the conditions specified. This includes mistyping in the identity of the applicant, the applicant is not a valid candidate or has passed the grace period of 3 days for filing a claim.

The application is rejected when the substance of the petition is unlawful. This refusal was received by Subianto in his 2014 lawsuit. At that time, the court decided to reject the lawsuit because there was no evidence of fraud in a structured, systematic and massive manner.

And conversely, the petition is granted when the substance of the claim is proven to be legally sound.

If the last option is decided, then the court will cancel the GEC decision and determine the results of calculating the correct vote.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: