Indonesian Gov’s Offers Infrastructure Development worth Rp 2.39 trillion. Photo by Special.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian government offered 20 terminal projects to private investors with total amount Rp2.39 trillion (US$179.71 million), said government official yesterday. The transportation ministry offered terminals type A with worth Rp750 billion and construction of Roadworthiness Test and Motorized Vehicles Certification in Bekasi, West Java Rp1.64 trillion.

According to Director General of Land Transportation at the ministry, Budi Setiyadi, Indonesian Government aimed to built 40 terminals which will be developed in 2020. Since 2018, he added, government needs private sector role to build these facilities, including terminals, weigh bridges and docks. He noted, that the government has managed 128 terminal type A units.

In addition, he stated, that average investment per terminal reaches Rp 37.5 billion. The government planned to auction the projects in fourth quarter of 2019. Thus, contract signing can be pursued in January 2020.

Setiyadi explained, lot of terminals in Indonesia are still managed conventionally so there is less growth. Government also plan to built terminal into a mix use include use of combined terminals, residences, entertainment venues. In addition, the terminal concept is transit oriented development.

Meanwhile, Government also offered investment in construction of Road Improvement Testing and Motorized Vehicles Certification in Bekasi. This hall will function to test all vehicles that will be mass produced in Indonesia, including electric vehicles.

Furthermore, Government cooperates with Indonesian Infrastructure Guarantee Corporation as a guarantee of investment to ensure good continuity of investment.

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Written By Willy Matrona