Indonesia March Inflation Rate Stands at 0.11%
Statistics Indonesia reported the inflation rate in April lowered to 0.08 percent compared to March 2020 at 0.1 percent, said the head today (05/04) - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia’ trade balance in February 2019 has a surplus of US$330 million. This was caused by the increase in the value of exports which reached $12.53 billion, while the value of imports dropped by 18.61 percent to $12.20 billion.

Decreased of import was due to the decline in oil and gas imports by 6.28 percent and non-oil and gas 20.14 percent, Head of Statistics Indonesia Suhariyanto told media, today (03/15).

According to him, however, the initial two-month trade balance (January-February) still had a deficit of $730 million. When compared with January (m/m), the value of this export still fell by 10.03 percent, or down 11.33 percent compared to February 2018.

Suhariyanto detailed, non-oil and gas exports in February 2019 reached $11.44 billion, down 9.85 percent compared to January 2019. Meanwhile, compared to February 2018 it fell 10.19 percent.

The biggest non-oil and gas export in February 2019 was to China $1.54 billion, followed by the United States $1.27 billion, and Japan $1.03 billion with the contribution of the three reaching 33.59 percent.

Meanwhile, according to province of origin, the largest exports in January-February 2019 came from West Java (18.51 percent), East Java (11.38 percent), and East Kalimantan (10.08 percent).

He reported, the three main commodities that experienced the largest increase in non-oil and gas exports were jewelery copper, copper and pulp pulp. And those experiencing the biggest decline were mineral fuels, animal vegetable fats and oils, and crust ore, and metal ash.

Furthermore, he said that the biggest decline in non-oil and gas imports in February 2019 was the class of machinery and electrical equipment, while the largest increase was in the sugar and confectionery groups.

Meanwhile, the largest supplier of non-oil and gas imported goods during January-February 2019 was occupied by China (30.03 percent), Japan (11.03 percent), and Thailand (6.43 percent).

Suhariyanto also released daily wages for farm laborers and buildings. He said, the daily nominal wage of national farm laborers in February 2019 increased by 0.33 percent compared to the wages of agricultural laborers in January 2019, namely from Rp53.604 per day to 53.781 per day. Real wages have increased by 0.62 percent.

Meanwhile, for the daily nominal value of construction workers (artisans not foremen) in February 2019 it increased 0.21 percent compared to January 2019 wages, from Rp88.442 per day to Rp88.628 per day. Real wages increased by 0.29 percent.

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