The Capital City of Israel Jerusalem - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison statement to admitted Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel has triggered discomposure from several countries. The country will also consider to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Indonesia, among other countries, questioned the statement. “Indonesia expressed serious concern about the announcement and questioned expediency of that announcement,” said Indonesia Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi in Jakarta, on Tuesday (16/10).

Indonesia also called Australia and other countries to not taking actions that may threaten peace process and world peace stability.

As a country just won a bid for temporary seat of United Nation (UN) Security Council for 2019-2020, Indonesia reaffirmed its stance for two-state solution, a basic principle for establishing sustainable peace between Palestine and Israel.

Besides, Jerusalem is one of six issues that must be negotiated and decided as the final part of comprehensive peace, in accordance with resolution of UN Security Council and General Assembly. Other than that, Indonesia’s support to Palestine is a constitutional mandate, Marsudi added.

Meanwhile in Australia, Arab contries Ambassadors held meeting to discuss the issue today. Egypt Ambassador for Australia, Mohamed Khairat said, Australia’s action may ruin peace process between Palestine and Israel, Reuters reported. Besides, it will give negative impact not only for Australia and Arabian countries relations, but also with other Islamic countries.

To express the concern, Arab countries Ambassadors for Australia agreed on submitting letter to Australian Foreign Minister. The concern appeared after Morrison, since August, stated that he is considering to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Last May, United States (US) relocated its embassy to Jerusalem, followed by Guatemala and some other countries. After the US embassy move, spat between Palestinian and Israeli is going worse.

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