Visited Lombok Earthquake Victims, President Joko Widodo Instructs Disaster Management Immediately - Photo by President Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The damages and losses caused by the Lombok earthquake are huge. The latest estimate by National Disaster Mitigation Agency on August 13, the damage of the earthquake at Rp7.45 trillion (US$520.97 million).

The spokesman Soetopo Purwo Nugroho said in a press statement on Wednesday (15/08), the damages and losses included Rp6.02 trillion in houses, Rp9.1 billion in infrastructure, Rp570.55 billion in economic facilities, Rp779.82 billion in social facilities and Rp72.7 billion from others.

The numbers can still increase as the more data still coming from the fields. The agency will calculate also the scale of funds need in the recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction post disaster.

The reconstruction will be carried out in 5 sectors including housing sector, infrastructure sectors, productive economy sector and cross sector. Those reconstruction, rehabilitation and recovery would need trillion of Rupiah.

It is impossible to lay all the burden for the reconstruction, rehabilitation and recovery to the local government. The majority of the funding come from central government. Aid from the business sector and the people are needed for the recovery. The rehabilitation and reconstruction will be carried out in 2 years.

He added, at least 460 confirmed deaths had been reported until August 15 in the aftermath of 7 Richter Scale earthquake that hit the popular tourist destination Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara. Most of the deaths were reported in North Lombok, with 396 casualties, then West Lombok with 39, East Lombok with 12, Mataram with 9 and Central Lombok with 2.

“The death toll is expected to rise as the Join Search and Rescue Team is still searching for victims buried under the debris of landslide in Dompu village, Kayangan district, North Lombok,” said Soetopo.

The team suspected that there are still 4 people being burried by the debris. Beside that in the hamlet of Busur Timur, Rempek village, Gangga district, North Lombok, one people is still trapped under the rubble.

The number of injured victim are 7,733 with 956 suffered from heavy injuries and are hospitalized, while the remaining 6,774 people are lightly injured and not hospitalized. The earthquake also displaced some 417,528 people.

Many of displaced people still need aid as its distributions do not run smoothly and evenly. Beside that, it is possible that they will stay longer in refugee camps while waiting for the rehabilitation of their houses.

The earthquake damaged at least 71,962 houses, with 32,016 were heavily damaged, 3,173 houses were moderately damaged and 36,773 houses were lightly damaged, according to the latest count.

Another physical damages including 671 units of education facilities consists of 124 early educations, 341 elementary schools, 95 junior high schools, 55 senior high schools, 50 vocational schools, and six extra ordinary schools.

Beside that there are 52 health facility units destroyed, 128 houses of worships, 20 office buildings, six bridges, and roads damaged due to earthquakes.

The people, West Nusa Tenggara government and other regencies impacted by the earthquake must rise up. It needs time to recover everything. The central government will always guide and support aid for rehabilitation and reconstruction later.

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