Indonesian President Joko Widodo Launch One Map Poly Program in Jakarta (12/11) - Photo by CMEA Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Indonesian Government launched Geoportal One Map Policy with the goal of providing an accurate and accountable map on infrastructure in the country.

The One Map Policy Accelerate Program was regulated since 2016 through the issuance of 8th Economic Policy Package and 2016 Presidential Regulation Number 9.

It said, the government intends to develop massive and equitable infrastructure across the country to boost the economic growth, reduce inequality, strengthen unity and achieve social justice goals.

President Joko Widodo on Tuesday (12/11) emphasized that One Map Policy is one of the priority programs of Nawa Cita. The program underpins development planning, infrastructure provision, issuance of permits and land rights, and various national policies that will refer to accurate spatial data.

“One Map Policy itself that was referenced of development plan to support the development and economic growth in the future,” he said at the launching ceremony in Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Darmin Nasution reported that 83 of 85 thematic maps from 19 Ministry or Agency and Local Government in 34 provinces finished by compilation and integration.

It means, currently there are two thematic maps that are unavailable. Firstly, the National Marine Spatial Planning Map which is ongoing and being determined, and secondly, Village Administrative Boundary Maps which are facilitated by the Agency for Geospatial Information and need to be followed up and determined by the local government.

“The thematic maps are integrated and uploaded into the Geoportal One Map Policy, and accessible by K/L and local government since the launch,” he said.

The challenge is the issue of overlapping land use. Based on the identification results from the Secretariat of the Acceleration Policy Team, One Map, the Overlapping Indicative Map of IGT for the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan Island has been completed.

He said, in the future, the synchronization activities will be continued for other islands until it will be completed for all of Indonesia some time in 2019.

“To resolve the issue, the Government also compiled a Synchronization Manual. This book contains steps for overlapping solutions that are inclusive,” added by Nasution.

Then, he continued, the majority Walidata and local Government now have Network Nodes that are connected with the Geoportal One Map Policy. The procedures for operating the Geoportal are contained in the Geoportal One Map Policy Handbook.

The minister also reported on the National Strategic Project, which numbered 223 projects and 3 programs with an estimated total investment amount of Rp4,150 trillion (US$286.21 billion). Initially, from 2016 to the end of November 2018, 36 NSPs have been completed, 51 NSPs and 1 35 gigawatss (GW) electricity program, which is an ongoing project.

For the 35GW electricity program, 2,621 MW have been operating, 18,457 MW are in the construction process, and the others are in the procurement and planning stages. As predicted, in the third quarter of 2019, it’s expected that a total of 79 NSP accumulations will be completed, as well as 84 projects and 2 partially operating programs.

He continued, the government is consistent on fiscal reform, institutional reform and policy reform too. Besides that, the Government is focusing on encouraging the other factors such as innovative infrastructure funding alternatives and the 4.0 industrial revolution.

“That’s all to accelerate the provision of infrastructure, so that it can provide an impact on improving the investment climate in Indonesia,” he concluded.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: