President of Indonesia Joko Widodo asserted, that the Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC) law need to reform caused has 17 years old - Photo by President Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – President of Indonesia Joko Widodo asserted, that the Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC) law need to reform caused has 17 years old. For that, he said, there needs to be limited improvement so that the the anti-graft body can run effectively.

“I have seriously studied and followed all input given from the public, from anti-corruption activists, lecturers, students, and also input from national figures,” he told media at the State Palace today (09/13).

On the revision law, Widodo admitted have given directions from ministry of law and human rights. He continued, the agency must play a central role in combating corruption.

“I disagree with some of the substance of the revision of the parliament’ initiative, which has the potential to reduce the effectiveness of the CEC’ duties,” said president.

He elaborated, he do not agree if the agency must obtain permission from external parties to conduct wiretapping. Secondly, Widodo also do not agree that CEC’ investigators only come from the police and prosecutors but also come from the other element.

“Third, I also do not agree that the CEC must coordinate with the attorney general’ office in the prosecution. Because the prosecution system that has been running so far is good, so it doesn’t need to be changed anymore,” president stated.

Fourth, he also not agree with regard to processing Apparatus Wealth Report from CEC to other ministries or institutions. On other issues, he claimed also provide notes and have different views from the initiations of the parliament.

Regarding on the existence of the supervisory board, he rated is necessary cause all state institutions work on the principle of check and balances, supervising each other. This is needed to minimize the potential for abuse of authority, he adds.

On the termination letter of investigation, Widodo revealed, is also needed because law enforcement must fulfill the principles of human rights protection and provide legal certainty.

“The parliament initiative bill holds a maximum time limit of one year in granting it, we propose to be increased to two years in order to provide adequate time for the CEC,” said Widodo.

At the end, he hope all parties can discuss this issue clearly, objectively, without excessive prejudice. He added,”I have no compromise in fighting corruption because of the corruption of our common enemy. And I want the CEC to have a central role in fighting corruption in our country, which has stronger authority than other institutions in combating corruption.”


Responding on the government and parliament move to revise CEC’ law and the elected Firli Bahuri as a new chief, the run team fight back by putting a black mark on their website with a message that reads: “We continue to work, we will continue the fight. #SaveKPK.”

At the same time, Saut Situmorang announced his resignation as the deputy chief of the agency, one day after the parliament elected five leaders to run the anti-graft agency. The new leaders took place in the midst of strong protests both from the CEC’ members and public as it is deemed as an attempt to weaken the anti-graft body.

Situmorang is one of the many people who relentlessly criticize the candidates as he argues that the people who were elected lack integrity. While, Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) and 16 cross-regional legal aid institutions opined that attempts to weaken the CEC are similar to attacks on democracy.

They remind the public of conditions in Indonesia under the authoritarian power of the New Order for 32 years, said the YLBHI chairman Asfinawati in a written statement on Sept. 12.

The dictatorial government in the new order era went hand in hand with corruption, collusion, and nepotism, which occurred due to centered, secluded state administration.

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