The Corruption Eradication Commission Asked Eddy Sindoro, the Lippo Group Boss to surrender - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia Corruption Eradication Commission’s (CEC) chairman Agus Rahardjo said that former president of Lippo Group Eddy Sindoro had been recorded in the list of international fugitive or red notice by International Police (Interpol).

The registration of Sindoro name on the red notice would help the the anti graft‘s investigators to arrest the suspect for alleged bribery case involving registrar of Central Jakarta Court District.
“Interpol has issued the red notice [against Eddy Sindoro],” he said in  Jakarta on Wednesday (03/10).
Rahardjo did not disclose since when Sindoro named as an international fugitive. “I think it is been decided, perhaps starting today,” he added.
Earlier, the deputy chairman Saut Situmorang, said the anti graft body would follow up the determination of red notice to the local law enforcers.
The CEC started to hunt Sindoro again after naming Lucas, a lawyer, as the suspect for obstructing the investigation process.
The body accused Lucas of backing Sindoro to go abroad even after being deported by the Malaysian government on August 29. The former Lippo Group‘s boss was the only suspect that had not answered CEC summons to the court.
The agency had previously named two suspects, Central Jakarta Court District registrar or secretary Eddy Nasution and his staff Doddy Ariyanto Sumpeno.
Situmorang said that CEC is finalizing a number of procedures to put the name of Sindoro into red notice list or international fugitives.  He said, “The first step is Red Notice, and then other measures (communication with the countries  law enforcers).”
The search for Sindoro is reemerged after CEC named his lawyer Lucas as a suspect for hampering the investigation. The agency accused Lucas as helping Sindoro to escape into outside Indonesia after he was deported by Malaysian government on August 29, 2018.
Situmorang was reluctant to mention the whereabout of Sindoro after the deportation. He only said that Sindoro that has been named as suspect since Dec. 23, 2016 is still in the South East Asian regions.
Despite that, the former State Intelligence Agency officer said that CEC has not cooperate officially with immigration authority of Malaysia and Singapore. “Because is not an institution that handle the corruption, we has not have intensive cooperation,” he said.
Sindoro is not the only suspect bringing to the court by CEC. Previously, the body has concluded the legal process against two suspects in the red handed operation in Acacia Hotel on April 20,2016.
In  their ruling, the presiding judges deemed that both of them were proven guilty in giving and receiving bribery related to a numbers of cases faced by the subsidiary of Lippo Group in Central Jakarta Court and Supreme Court.
Sindoro is allegedly also the inisiator of the bribery to Nasution through Sumpeno. He allegedly also bribed former Secretary of Supreme Court Nurhadi Abdurahman.
Although the case was almost clear, CEC failed to arrest Sindoro because he had escaped to overseas a couple of days after red handed operation against him and S. The CEC’s Spokesman Febri Diansyah said that the anti graft body asked Sindoro to surrender. He claimed that the suspect cooperation will be considered in CEC’s persecution.
Diansyah also said that CEC’s investigator has evidence on Lucas role in hampering the legal procces against Sindoro. According to him, Sindoro should return back to Indonesia and be examined. “Article 21 of the Corruption Law has been met,” adds by Diansyah.
Lucas denied the allegation against him. He claimed that he never communicated with Sindoro. He also deemed that there is no evidence that he know Sindoro’s whereabout in Malaysia and helped him return to Indonesia.
Lucas said that he will take all legal proccess to fight against the naming of him as suspect and the detention of him. “I do not know and until now, CEC does not show me the evidence that I did such kind of things,” said Lucas.
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