Deadlocked on VP Slot May Lead to a Third Axis Coalition

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories)–As opposition leader, Prabowo Subianto appeared indecisive on who to run with him in the upcoming election, his longtime partner Keadilan Sejahtera Party (PKS) has threatened to leave and set up a third axis coalition.

Pak Prabowo only holds the ball but has no clue where to give it,” Keadilan Sejahtera President Sohibul Iman told the press after hours of closed-door meeting on Tuesday evening.

Keadilan Sejahtera gathered all members of its Majelis Syuro [High Council], the top decision-makers, to thoroughly discuss on the party’s stance as the Aug. 10 deadline presidential and vice presidential candidates’ registration were only three days ahead.

The meeting decided to pursue PKS’ endorsement for party senior executive member Salim Segaf al-Jufri as a vice presidential candidate, as well as to ask confirmation from Prabowo and his Gerindra Party in regard with the future of the coalition.

PKS even put an alternative to form a third axis coalition on the table should Prabowo neglected the party’s demand.

“[To set up] a third axis is really possible,” Sohibul said.

In addition to his party, Sohibul cited the Amanat Nasional Party (PAN) and the Kebangkitan Bangsa Party (PKB) as potential members of the third axis camp.

While PAN has yet to officially decided whether to join Prabowo’s opposition camp or stay in President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s ship, PKB has openly endorsed Jokowi’s second term ticket. However, an apparent possible change, of course, has emerged recently due to the internal power struggle.

“Jokowi has made a decision on his running mate. That decision has possibly disappointed someone. Isn’t it possible,” Sohibul said, insinuating PKB as the object of his statement.

“However, for PKS, we remain to believe that it is important to have a new president,” he emphasized.

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