Anindya Novyan Bakrie - Photo by TheInsiderStories

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The third generation of Bakrie family now leads Bakrie Group businesses. As an oldest grandchild of the founder, Anindya Novyan Bakrie trusted to lead the group businesses to the new dawn.

In the group, whose business interests control a number of public companies with a combined market capitalization around US$15 billion, he serves as the director. Other businesses under the group also been handled by his cousins, sons and daughters of Nirwan Bakrie and Indra Bakrie.

His grandfather Achmad Bakrie start the business group in 1942 and now known as PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk (IDX: BNBR). Latterly, Anindya just appointed as a new president director of the investment holding, replacing Bobby Gafur Umar, who held the position since 2002.

He also founder and CEO of PT Visi Media Asia (IDX: VIVA) Group, which owned television stations TVOne and ANTV, and the news portal The oldest son of Aburizal Bakrie and Tatty Murnitriati born in Jakarta, on Nov. 10, 1974

Based on an interest in finance and technology, and the desire to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather’ business, Anindya initially wanted to take the economy as a major in the lecture bench. But later, he earned a bachelor’ degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University, Illinois, in 1996.

He then obtained a master degree from the Global Management Immersion Experience program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2001. Anindya began his career as an investment banker at Salomon Brothers, Wall Street, United States in 1996.

But his father asked him return to Indonesia after the 1998 riots. He later served as Deputy to Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Bakrie & Brothers.

The businessman first started his carrier in the media field at the Cakrawala Andalas Television (ANTV) company. In 2002, Anindya sent a restructuring proposal to more than 200 creditors and persuaded them to restructure their debt to equity. The debt is cut to zero, even though that means cutting Bakrie’ shares from 60 percent to 21 percent.

Anindya also makes content adjustments, changing the mix of individual general programming to focus on family-friendly events such as quizzes, children’s shows and soccer matches.

In 2007, he bought a second TV station, Lativi Media Karya, from a businessman and former Minister of Manpower, Abdul Latief. The station was renamed TVOne and was reconstructed to focus on news for middle-class viewers. Together, ANTV and TV One control around 15.6 percent of TV advertising expenditure in Indonesia.

In 2011, Anindya collaborated with businessman Erick Thohir, to take the two television stations, plus the online news portal Vivanews. At Visi Media Asia or the Viva group, he is the chairman and Erick Thohir is the president director.

In 2014, the Bakrie Global Group led by Anindya invested in Series C in Path, a private social network, with an active number of users from Indonesia reaching 4 million people. However, the social networking site Path was finally closed on October 18, 2018.

In December 2003, he became President Director & CEO of PT Bakrie Telecom Tbk, the largest public CDMA wireless telecommunications provider in Indonesia at that time, with more than 11 million customers in 2011.

As a new leader of BNBR, Anindya wants to bring the Bakrie’ family business to the next chapter after suffered for years. He planned to bring BNBR as the classy company. 

According to him now, the company’ capital structure is stable. The core business is in PT Bakrie Metal Industries (BMI) through its unit PT Bakrie Pipe Industries and PT Bakrie Otopart, also PT Bakrie Constructions.

Now, BNBR also set up new businesses through PT Bakrie Automotive to provide electric cars in the archipelago. In Jakarta, the unit has collaborated with Trans Jakarta, state-owned transportation operator Perum PPD and Pahala Kencana with 15,000 units and with mini bus to 25,000 units.

He also look to continue Kalimantan -Java pipe projects, power plant, toll road and other business. He believed with a better capital structure, the group can develop productive businesses helped by Bakrie Investment Holding.

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