KinerjaPay Business Growing Rapidly Follows The Development of Digital Payment

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) KinerjaPay Corp. (OTCQB: KPAY), an Indonesian digital payment and e-commerce platform announced in 2017, total transactions grow 192 per cent in 2017, to 615.308 versus 320.224 total transactions reported in 2016, the company said on Tuesday (6/2)

Total average revenue per user for the year was US$20.82, an 177 per cent increase from the $7.51 in 2016. Otherwise gross merchandise value (GMV) was $2.84 million, up 328 per cent compared with $661,623 in 2016.

“We grew average revenue/user by 177% and GMV increased 328% as compared to 2016, which speaks to the enormous opportunity in the market,” stated Edwin Ng, CEO of KinerjaPay Corp.

“Throughout 2018 we will continue our efforts to build our presence in the market, by both seizing opportunities for expanding the services and features we offer, but also adding to our facilities and infrastructure.”

The company has build partnership with three multi-finance companies in Indonesia namely Columbia Cash & Credit, Mega Auto Finance and WOM Finance to cover 1.5 their million active customers and 300 cities.

KinerjaPay also has partnership with Indonesian convenience store chain Alfamart and Indomaret to allow customers make payments on any transaction performed inside KinerjaPay platform.

Furthermore the startup firm partnership with PT. 24 Jam Online, parent company of UniPin, one of Indonesia’s leading gaming platforms. Partnership with Ace Legends, Singapore-Based Developer to support the launch of KinerjaGames. Company will host all the games currently published by Ace Legends on its own KinerjaGames platform.

While with UBER will grant KinerjaPay users an exclusive promotion code for first-time users, valid for four rides.