President Joko Widodo Closed the National Meeting of Kadin in Solo, Central Java (11/26) - Photo by KADIN

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo has committed to removing the medium and small medium enterprises (MSME) sector from the Negative Investment Lists, included in the 16th Economic Policy Package.

The decision was delivered by him at the closing ceremony of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry National Leadership Meeting in Solo (11/28). Widodo said the decision was taken after getting input from the Chairman of the association Rosan Roeslani and Chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Bahlil Lahadalia.

Over negative investment lists critics, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has reviewing the lists along with the two association, which earlier weren’t invited to the policy discussion. The review aims to get comprehensive formulation for the recent economic condition.
According to the President, Indonesia must be a field for the flourishing of MSMEs. He wants the MSMEs in Indonesia to enhance the ease of doing business.
Until now, the government has also shown its support for 62 million MSMEs in Indonesia. A number of policies have been taken by the government to mark the alignments.
Meanwhile, Chamber of Commerce and Industry considers that negative investment list’s policy can reduce the portion of local MSME players to be more developed, because the policy allows foreign parties to control 100 percent of their investment in certain business sectors.
“We really appreciate the government’s decision to delay the DNI relaxation policy and wait for further socialization with business people,” said the chairman Rosan P. Roeslani.
According to him, the organzation is focused on and paying special attention to national MSMEs, considering that sectors cover more than 95 percent of the national workforce. Policies relating to the MSME sector need to be carefully considered because they can affect national economic growth, including in relation to investment.
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