Indonesia has an agenda to releases the realization investment in 2020 after the country posted Rp611.6 trillion (US$43.68 billion) - Photo: Isitimewa

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – After post inaugural of President of United States (US) Joe Bidden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the financial and commodity market has potential to keep climbing. Various of policies and stimulus from the global countries will give an energy to the market even the COVID-19 pandemic still shadowed the money, stock, and commodity market movement in this week.

On Monday, Indonesia has an agenda to releases the realization investment in 2020 after the country posted Rp611.6 trillion (US$43.68 billion). In the first nine month or only rose by 1.7 percent compared to same period in 2019 of Rp601.3 trillion.

In the third quarter only, the total investment jumped 8.9 percent from Rp205.7 trillion to Rp209.0 trillion. At the same day, finance ministry offers a retail government bonds series 019 with a coupon rate of 5.57 percent per annum.

Today, president of European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde will give a speaks on one event. Then, Germany to announced the Ifo Business Climate Index and seen to edge down to 91.8 from 92.1.

On Tuesday, US has an agenda to releases consumer confidence index and is expected to edge from 88.6 to 89.0. Then, Australia to publishes the CPI and its expecting to drop by more than half in a quarter to quarter basis to 0.7 percent from earlier 1.6 percent.

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserves interest rate decision time and the central bank is predicting to keep its monetary policy stand and hold the rate at 0.2 percent. At the same day, the world largest economy to announces the core durable goods orders and probably crawled up to 0.5 percent from previous 0.4 percent also weekly crude oil inventories data.

On Thursday, US to testify the GDP, initial jobless claims, and new home sales. The GDP in fourth quarter was predicted plummet to 29.4 percent from third quarter at 33.4, the initial jobless claims is anticipated to decline from 990,000 to 878,000 and the new home sales seen to rise to 860,000 from 841,000.

On Friday, the unemployment data of Germany to go out and is expected to surge to 3,000 from earlier contraction 37,000. In addition, Canada’ GDP’ data out and to remain steady at 0.4 percent on monthly basis. Then, US ‘ pending home sales also out and seen to rise to contraction 0.6 percent from minus 2.6 percent.

On Saturday, the Manufacturing PMI of China and estimating to edge up from 51.9 percent to 52.0. For this week, the analysts rated a number of catalysts that can move the JCI next week.

For an example, they rated, the central bank of US will maintains the dovish stance because the health condition in the country is still quite unclear. However, there are sentiments that can be a positive catalyst for the financial market, such as policies or stimuli that will be issued by the governments and breakthroughs in the COVID-19 vaccination program.

On Friday, Indonesian Rupiah dropped by 0.25 percent to 14,035 per US Dollar and the Jakarta Composite Index weakened 1.66 percent to 6,307 compared to prior day. Today, the analysts sees the stock index move in the range 6,050 to 6,550 in this week and the local currency in the range 13,950 to 14,100 over the Greenback.

Stocks to be watch for this week are banking, telecommunication, manufacturing, mining, infrastructure, commodity, and retail. For today the recommendation stocks are PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (IDX: BBCA), PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (IDX: BBRI), PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (IDX: BMRI), PT Astra International Tbk (IDX: ASII), PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (IDX: TLKM), PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk (IDX: AALI), PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (IDX: ANTM), and PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (IDX: UNVR).

May you have a profitable Week!

Written by Linda Silaen, Please Read Our News to Get More information about Indonesia