IHS Markit sees United States (US) economic growth in 2020 could contraction around 4.8 to 6.1 percent, it said in the latest report - - Photo by White House
JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — Claims data of United States (US) unemployment rate remains well amid the partial federal government shutdown, Bureau of Labor Statistics reported yesterday. The jobless claims even hit the lowest level in 49 years.
US jobless claims recorded at 199,000 until Jan. 19. It declined from the previous seasonal adjustment at around 13,000. This marks the claims lowest level since November 1969, when applications clocked in at 197,000.
The initial jobless claims were estimated in US’ six states, including California, the most populous state, and Virginia, where many federal workers live. Other that that, the claims were calculated in Hawaii, Kansas, North Dakota, and West Virginia.
US labour market shows a solid ground despite concerns of economic growth slowdown. The strong jobless claims also tackle the prediction over economic impact on the trade war with China.
And internally, US is now facing its 35-day government shutdown deadlock which is the longest record in US history, that threatens the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in first quarter of 2019.
The government shutdown has affected 800,000 federal government workers. About 420,000 employees are forced to work without pay, while 380,000 others to take unpaid leave.

The Democrats have blocked Trump’s request of US$5.7 billion to build a long-sought wall along the US-Mexico border. The funding bill of more than $350 billion plus the government represents the first attempt by Republicans to control the Senate to reopen the government since the closure began.

The collapse of the move and the possible defeat of the Democratic alternative made Washington not have a clear solution to the stalemate despite increasing pressure. The move will also provide three years of protection against deportation for 700,000 immigrants who were taken illegally to the America.

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