President Joko Widodo and President Hassan Rouhan of Iran have a phone call on Monday discussed the relations between the two countries - Photo by Iranian Government

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – United States (US) and Iran tension escalated and could bring to a war between the two countries and their allies. Followed the assassination of the leading Iranian military commander General Qassem Soleimani, leader of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, announced that it will abandon limitations on enriching uranium.

Its mean, the country will taking a further step back from a 2015 nuclear deal commitment with six major powers. Under the nuclear deal, Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of most international sanctions.

Recently, Teheran has steadily overstepped the deal’ limits on its nuclear activities in response to the Washington’ withdrawal from the accord in 2018 and US’ reimposition of sanctions that have crippled Iran’ oil trade. On Saturday, Rouhani stressed that Iran considers America’ recent terrorist act as its new move in supporting terrorism.

“American will bear the full responsibility of the consequences of this terrorist act in the region and it will pay a heavy price for it,” said the president in a meeting with the deputy prime minister and foreign minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani.

He added, “Unfortunately, the Americans have entered a new path that can be very dangerous for the region, therefore, in such a condition, close negotiation and cooperation between friendly countries is essential”.

Stating that the Iran has never started a tension in the region that led to insecurity. Rouhani stressed, “What has caused tension and unease in the region in the recent years is the United States’ foolish acts”.

He went on to say that Soleimani was a global figure in the fight against terrorism and everyone knows what effective role he has played in regional security, especially in Iraq and Syria.

The President continued, “In the current situation, we expect all our friendly and neighbouring countries to condemn this US’ criminal act, because America has martyred a top Iranian armed forces commander in another country in the most criminal form”.

In addition, he stated, “I hope that we all condemn state terrorism unanimously and that the countries of the region will strengthen their unity, cohesion and understanding more than ever.”

Rouhani added, “The recent US action was both an insult to the Iraqi people and a violation of Iraq’s national sovereignty, and they martyred a top commander who was respected by all Iranians and the region.”

The president emphasized that the US’ presence in the region is very destructive and said, “Today, all regional countries must believe that as long as America is present in the region, the countries of the region will not find peace”.

From Brussels, the headquarter of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), ambassadors will gather today for an urgent meeting to discuss the situation in the Middle East, said the official.

Last week, oil prices spiked after the US killed a leading Iranian military commander General Qassem Soleimani in an air strike, heightening fears of a conflict in the Middle East that could disrupt energy supplies. US crude rose 3 percent and global benchmark Brent jumped 3.6 percent to more than US$68 a barrel.

At the same time, gold prices rose to the highest level in more than six years. In the spot market, gold prices rose 2.3 percent to $1,588.13 per troy ounce, the highest level since April 2013, and traded 1.5 percent at $1,575.36 at 7.22 Singapore time.

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