PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (IDX: TLKM) has planned to acquire e-commerce companies, including - Photo: Special

Jakarta (TheInsiderStories) – State-owned telecommunication provider, PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (IDX: TLKM) has planned to acquire e-commerce companies, including, said on official today (08/15).

Arif Prabowo, the company’ spokesman revealed its party open to collaborating with several leading e-commerce companies in developing digital businesses. However, there has not been a definitive decision on the acquisition, he adds.

While, Chief of Omni Channel Officer Bhinneka Vensia Tjhin confirmed about Telkom’ plan to acquire Bhinneka. She stated, “Yes, its still in process.”

Some local media reported, Telkom wants to acquire 51 percent of Bhinneka’ shares. However, both Bhinneka and Telkom did not confirm the size and the value of the acquisition.

The company itself has an e-commerce subsidiary with brand collaboration with United Staes’ e-commerce player eBay. While, Bhinneka was founded by Hendrik Thio, Nicholas, Johannes, Darsono, and Tommy in 1993 focus on the distribution and sale of IT products. 

The 1997-1998 economic crisis made Bhinneka change its business model into an online shop. Currently, Bhinneka applies an online to offline (O2O) business model by having several physical outlets.

Frost & Sullivan’s research results reported during 2015 – 2017, B2B growth in Indonesia rose from US$2.6 billion to $5.6 billion. In the last five years, Bhinneka recorded business growth of up to 40 percent supported by (B2C), Bhinneka Bisnis (B2B), and Bhinneka Digital Printing Solutions.

Bhinneka’ CEO & Founder, Hendrik Tio, said that B2B units that included SMEs, corporations and government institutions were the biggest contributors. Even in 2017, he continued, the sale of Bhinneka goods through e-catalog it had exceeded Rp1 trillion ($70.42 million).

Currently Bhinneka has eight offline stores, of which seven are in Jakarta and the remaining one is in Surabaya. There are also 33 representative offices in all provinces of Indonesia. With a total of 3,000 cooperative brand partners and 40 thousand supplier vendors.

Telkom as a group managed six businesses portfolios such as mobile, fixed line, wholeshale & international, network infrastructure, enterprise digital, and consumer digital. 

The Government of Indonesia owned 52.09 percent Telkom shares while the remaining 47.91 percent shares belong to public. Telkom’ shares are traded on the Indonesian Stock Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange, which lists it as TLM.
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