Vice President Candidate, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno at Paramadina Publik Policy Institute (PPPI) dan TIS Intelligence with theme: “Pro Business or Pro Market? Defining The Right Public Policy for Indonesia,” on Thursday (11/22)

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Vice President candidate, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, stated that it was time for Indonesia to referendum the economic policies to create a prosperous society in the country.

This was conveyed in the public policy dialogue held by the Paramadina Public Policy Institute (PPPI) and the TIS Intelligence with themed “Pro Business or Pro Market? Defining the Right Public Policy for Indonesia”. This discussion is part of a series of regular discussions on public policy which this time in collaboration with TIS Intelligence.

“2019, its time to become the year of the economic referendum for Indonesia. We need to strengthen the policy. Do not let the decades ahead we still be called the country of the future,” he said.

In the general, in Indonesia there are policies that have been made but possible to changed every administration and affected to the business, investment and society at large. To formulate the economic policy referendum, Sandi emphasized the importance of dialogue between policy makers and other stakeholders to produce the right policies.

He stated that for good public policy “BICARA” must: Beneficial, Impacfull, impact, Clear, Applicable, Reasonable, and Acceptable.

“Pro Business is a policy where the government gives preference to certain business entities, while Pro Market is a policy that provides equal opportunities to all business actors. Pro Business is not the right policy because it does not encourage companies to become more competitive,” said the vice presidential’s candidate in his presentation on Thursdaya (11/22).

For this reason, all business actors, including State-Owned Enterprises, the private sector and small and medium enterprises must become the locomotive of the Indonesian economy in the future. Sandi dismissed the perception of a number of parties that he and Prabowo Subianto were anti-foreign too.

He added, good public policy is also important for eradicating corruption. Through good public policy, the potential for corruption can be minimized earlier.

“Corruption is in the downstream and public policy is upstream. If the upstream is good, then the downstream will go well,“ said Sandi.

TIS Intelligence Team