President Widodo, Pompeo Commits to Escalate Strategic Partnerships

President Joko Widodo met United State's Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at Merdeka Palace on Sunday (05/08) - Photo by President Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo received a courtesy call from United States’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Presidential Palace on Sunday (05/08) talked about various issues including how to lift the strategic partnership between the two countries.

According to the Foreign Minister (FM) Indonesia Retno Marsudi in a 30-minute meeting at the Palace, President Widodo and Pompeo discussed various issues such as economic cooperation, partnership strategy, ASEAN and security issues in the region including Palestine.

“The president said the strategic partnership that we are building it is not only beneficial to both countries, but also for the world,” said the minister to the media at the State Palace on August 5.

She explained, both countries are committed to increase cooperation in the economic field, especially in the field of trade. Marsudi added that the president insists judging from the types of goods traded between the two parties do not compete with each other so it will be easier to be improved.

“The president also hope that Indonesia facilities generalized system of preference (GSP) will still be given to Indonesia for 53 percent of the -Items item is related to the products exported by the United States and 35 percent were related to the production process required by the Americans,” she said.

Furthermore, Marsudi added that at president and Pompeo also talked on the Korean peninsula’s issues, ASEAN and the Palestinians. Pompeo has just been to Pyongyang (the capital of South Korea) after the meeting of President Donald Trump and President of North Korea Kim Jong Un.

She continued, Pompeo admitted there is progress, but the progress is not as fast as expected. Meanwhile, Widodo said that Indonesia wants to see stability and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. “Therefore, Indonesia continues to support the creation of stability and peace on the Korean Peninsula,” said the minister.

The President also said Indonesia wanted to use the Asian Games to glue the friendship between North Korea and South Korea, in the context of people to peopleIn the a meeting, cleared by Marsudi, president also expressed about the issue of Palestine.

“Once again the Palestinians is a priority for the Indonesian foreign policy and in every heart the people of Indonesia. Therefore, the President continues to hope that the US provides a contributory role to the peace process and the president said that the two-state solution is the only solution,“said Minister.

Another salient message, according to Retno is about stability in ASEAN. Recognized by Pompeo, Indonesia’s leadership in ASEAN is very important.

“The president said ASEAN region Relatively stable. Well of course this stability is not created by itself but there is a contribution of ASEAN and it was conceived in a meeting in Singapore ASEAN centrality problem getting support from America.

At the end of his explanation, the minister said that next year the two countries will celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia-US diplomatic relations celebration theme of the two countries this time is “Celebrate Diversity Together Prosphere as Strategic Partner”.