PLN to sign 9 PPAs for 640.65 MW of renewable power plants

Image credit : EBTKE Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – State electricity company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) will soon sign power purchase agreement (PPA) for nine renewable energy-based power plants with combined installed capacity of 640.65 MW.

Director General for New, Renewable and Energy Conservation Rida Mulyana said seven of the 9 power plants are micro hydro power plants. Meanwhile, the remaining two are geothermal power plant and hydro power plant.

“This shows investment in renewable energy is increasingly attractive,” he said.

The total investment to develop the nine power plants are quite significant, amounting to Rp20.413 trillion (US$1.51 billion).

The commercial operation dates for the renewable energy power plants are scheduled for 2019 and 2020.

PLN Director for Corporate Planning Nicke Widyawati said she expects the PPA of these power plants will be signed in the middle of this month.

The nine power plants are as follows:

  1. PLTA Poso Peaker, Central Sulawesi with 515 MW capacity and total investment Rp11.12 trillion;
  2. PLTP Rantau Dadap, South Sumatera, with capacity of 86 MW and investment Rp 8.2 trillion
  3. PLTM Bakal Semarak, North Sumatera, with capacity of 5 MW and Rp 125.64 billion in investment
  4. PLTM Cibanteng, West Java, with capacity of 4.2 MW and Rp 71.4 billion in investment
  5. PLTM Cikaso 3, West Java with capacity of 9.9 MW and Rp 182.21 billion in investment
  6. PLTM Tanjungtirta, Central Java with capacity of 8 MW and investment of Rp 201.6 billion
  7. PLTM Kincang1, Central Java, with capacity of 0.35 MW and Rp 9.14 billion in investment.
  8. PLTM Bone Bolango, Gorontalo, with capacity of 9.9 MW and Rp 416.47 billion in investment
  9. PLTM Koko Babak, Lombok, with capacity of  2.3 MW and investment amounted to Rp 86.79 billion.

Meanwhile, total investment in renewable energy in the ten months to October has reached RP11.74 trillion, compared to Rp8.63 trillion in full year 2014, Rp13.96 trillion in 2015 and Rp21.25 trillion in 2016. In addition, the installed capacity of renewable energy power plants have also expanded. As much as 1,808.5 MW of geothermal power plants were added in the ten months to October, solar and micro hydro power plants 259.8 MW and bioenergy 1,812 MW.

Rida said the government has developed 471 units of renewable energy-based power plants with installed capacity of 38.9 MW (excluding geothermal energy), that helps lighten up villages and 67,000 households in remote areas. (*)

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