Subianto-Uno Offers New Strategies for Future Indonesia’s 5-years Development
Pair of presidential and vice presidential candidates from the Gerindra Party's Coalition Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno - Photo Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Opposition candidate Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno targets to increase Indonesia’s economic growth by 6.5 percent if elected in the 2019 Presidential Election. It is carried out with structural reforms and creating a strong government.

“I believe that if we are managed strongly with Subianto-Uno, we can grow 6.5 percent in the first year of government,” Sandiaga Uno said after meeting with businessmen and millennials in Balikpapan on Thursday (04/4).

He also targets to be able to increase economic growth above 7 percent to ensure economic continuity and not enter the trap of middle-income countries. Economic growth above 7 percent has been promised by Joko Widodo since 2014 and has never been realized for five years in his administration with Jusuph Kalla.

Data from the Statistics Agency shows, in 2014 economic growth was only 5.01 percent. Even this achievement dropped dramatically the following year, which was 4.88 percent. This figure only improved 5.05 percent in 2016, 5.07 percent in 2017, and in 2018 it was 5.17 percent, the best achievement in the Widodo era.

For this reason, the opposition promised to fix the nation’s economy and realize what Widodo promised. According to Uno, if structural reforms are carried out, the economy will grow and micro small and medium enterprises will develop. It can also encourage revitalized exports.

Another impact, he added, is that imports can be reduced, especially oil and gas, which now dominates and is more in favor of consumption policies and investment is believed the economy grows 6.5 percent.

While the Asian Development Bank predicts that Indonesia’s economy will grow 5.2 percent in 2019. Then economic growth will reach 5.3 percent in 2020.

Economic issues are indeed points that are often expressed by the opposition. The Subianto-Uno couple claimed that based on the absorption of the aspirations of the middle and lower classes, the community group had not felt the impact of development such as toll roads, airports, and ports made by the Widodo government.

The public is said to always complain about three things, such as purchasing power, prices of basic necessities, and jobs. The paradoxical situation is that many undergraduate graduates do not get decent jobs also often found by the winning team.

The problem is then poured in the four pillars of prosperity for Indonesia. The fourth is the economy; culture and environment; welfare of the people; as well as politics, law, and defense security. All of them are put together to achieve the vision of a just and prosperous Indonesia.

Based on the reasons and desires of the community, the couple’s clear hopes and targets on economic issues were presented whenever the political safari in the area.

During the campaign in West Java, at the end of last month, Subianto gave a speech that would guarantee people’s welfare in stabilizing the prices of basic necessities and basic electricity tariffs. That way, people’s purchasing power becomes high and prosperity can be realized.

He explained that at this time, he had a team of experts who were very competent in managing the country in various fields. In fact, the team calculates the basic electricity tariff can be reduced at 100 days of his administration.

After discussing the reduction in basic electricity tariffs, Subianto also discussed plans to reduce meat prices. According to the expert team, meat prices can be reduced in the first two weeks.

The prices of basic necessities are also promised to go down and reach the public. On the side of the board, Subianto-Uno is committed to providing cheap home access to Low-Income Communities. In order to reach that goal, he said that all can be realized by suppressing the financial leakage of countries that currently exist abroad. Corruption will also be eradicated.

That way, Indonesia’s wealth that fled abroad and corruption will be diverted to carry out its programs.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: