Insight: Questioning Trump's Denuclearization Commitment
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Signed the Peace Agreement in Korean Peninsula - Photo by AP

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Four global leaders meeting this September will give major influences to the global market amid the high tense in Korean Peninsula.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has requested a second summit with United States (US) President Donald Trump after their first meeting in Singapore. At the same time President of Russia Vladimir Putin invite Kim to visit his country while for the first time Chinese President Xi Jin Ping will visit North Korea.

According to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders in a transcript press conference on Sept. 10, the primary purpose of the letter was to schedule another meeting with the president, which we are open to and are already in the process of co-ordinating.

“Yeah, the President has received the letter from Kim Jong Un. The primary purpose of the letter was to request and look to schedule another meeting with the President (Trump), which we are open to and are already in the process of coordinating that,” said Sanders

She added the letter was further evidence of progress in that relationship.

A number of things that have taken place after Singapore Summit such as the hostages have returned, there’s been no testing of missiles or nuclear material, and the historic summit between the two leaders, Sanders commented.

Previously, South Korea’s president Moon Jae-In has promised to carry on in his role as mediator for the global leaders. Last week, he told his cabinet the complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula is an issue that should fundamentally be resolved between the US and North Korea through negotiation.

President Moon is to go to Pyongyang this week for his third meeting with Kim this year. On the same day, Kremlin adviser Yuri Ushakov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had sent an invitation letter to Kim to visit his country.

But Ushakov did not explain the details of the meeting plan for Putin and Kim Jong Un if he met later. Russian Federation Council spokesman Valentina Matviyenko delivered Putin’s personal message to Kim. She said, the North Korean leader confirmed his decision to visit Russia.

While, Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit North Korea in this month. This visit will be the first for him as the leader of China since 2005. The first Chinese president to visit Pyongyang was Hu Jintao in 2005.

President Xi’s visit to strengthen relations between China and North Korea as close neighbors so far. China is the most important country for North Korea in the trade sector. Kim wants to improve cooperation with China and to carry out economic reforms.

Last week, the US government has imposed sanctions on Chinese companies proven to export cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to North Korea. The United States has accused the Chinese company of violating an economic embargo that is still being applied to North Korea.

The various leaders meeting, we believed will give impact to the future of Korean Peninsula and the global market. We hope the leaders will bring peace to the world.