US' President Donald Trump Considered to Re-open Government After a Historic Long Shutdown - Photo by White House Office
JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — Good morning! United States (US) President Donald Trump considered to re-open his government after a historic long shutdown in his country. Now, Trump working with US’ Congress to find a solution to reopen the government and secure the border.
The negotiation team tasked by Trump has been working with Republicans and Democrats to find a compromise to reopen the government while providing border security. He also bringing together the best ideas from both sides to come up with solution to a complex problem
At the meantime, US just rejected trade talks with two Chinese vice ministers in Washington with the reasoned there is a lack of progress on two important issues. Planned, Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has agenda to meet by the end of January.
US is demanding China to end “forced” technology transfers from foreign companies to Chinese joint venture partners and other firms. Moreover, US is also wanting Chinese administration to scrap state subsidies and industrial policies that the US considers as a discrimination against foreign investors.
In Indonesia, President Joko Widodo backpedals his statement on radical cleric Abu Bakar Ba’asyir liberation. He said, he would only be released from prison if he pledged allegiance to the Republic of Indonesia and the state ideology Pancasila.
He remarks come after widespread criticism of the government’s decision to release the 80-year-old spiritual leader of South-east Asia terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah. Widodo’ legal adviser on his presidential campaign had said on Friday (01/18), that Bashir would be given an unconditional release this week.
While, the Free West Papua Movement, says it has political support in Papua New Guinea to push for negotiations with the government. The organization plans to hold a press conference in PNG’s capital next week.
During the demonstration on Dec. 4, Indonesian National Police was arrested 537 member of Papuan Students Alliances (PSA) after demonstrated for Papua’s freedom. The demonstrators demanded that the people of West Papua be given the right to self-determination as a solution to democracy and independence of Papua.
Yesterday, Rupiah continued not moving any stronger and ended at 14,221 over the greenback. Even so, the Jakarta Composite Index closed increasing by 0.27 percent to 6,468.56 with low foreign net buy. Basic industry and chemicals sector was the highest hike at 1.42 percent, while mining sector slumped the most at 1.71 percent.
May you have a profitable week!
Written by Linda Silaen and TIS Intelligence Team, Please Read Our Insight to Get More information about Indonesia