President of the United States Donald Trump Unhappy with Congress' Border Deal - Photo by White House

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Good morning! United States’ President Donald Trump declared that he was unhappy about the border wall deal negotiated by congressional leaders. He also does not gave indication whether to sign or veto the decision before another government shutdown hits at Friday night.

On Tuesday (02/12), US’ senate take temporary decisions to allowed Trump use funds $1.38 billion for new fencing along the border, far short of the $5.7 billion he demanded for a wall and less even than the deal that he rejected in December.

In his speech after the cabinet meeting, Trump stated, followed the congress decision he would not choose another government shutdown. He added, he would never accept if it happens but this would be totally on the Democrats. Trump said, his open for another negotiation with the senate to have a “win win solution” on the deal.

Talking on the meeting with President Xi Jin Ping, the president said he hasn’t decided whether to meet the Chinese leader before March 1 deadline. He just said things are going well with China and the country wants to make a deal very badly.

Trum assured US also want very much to make a deal. The tariffs, he continued, are bringing a tremendous amount of money to US’ Treasury. So far, he explained, China is paying for 21, and US paying for four.

Right now, China paying 25 percent tax on $50 billion. Then, on the $200 billion, China paying the 10 percent and will goes up to 25 percent on March 1st.

Commented on South Korean deal, Trump said, the country agreed to pay more $500 million more toward the defense. Right now, South Korea costs US $5 billion a year to defend. Furthermore, he expected the same thing will go with Japan, Saudi Arabia, and many others.

Go to the domestic side, as an effort to boost export, Indonesian government simplifies completely built-up (CBU) vehicles export regulation. There are some easing for exporters in the regulation.

While, Bank Indonesia sees there’s a slowdown of property price increase last year. Residential property price index survey in the fourth quarter of 2018 stated that there was 2.98 percent price hike on annual basis, lower than 3.18 percent in the previous quarter.

The slowdown occurred in all categories, with small house category has the biggest deceleration. But not all regions experienced the slowdown. Surabaya is recorded as the highest residential property price hike by 5.85 percent.

Yesterday, Rupiah against Dollar continued its weakening and decreased by 0.66 percent to 14,024. Stocks market hit worse. Jakarta Composite Index fell by 1.05 percent to 6,426.32. With all sectors but consumer goods fell, foreign investors recorded Rp566.22 billion net sells.

May you have a profitable day!

US$1: Rp14,000

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