United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – After British exit (Brexit) rejected by the parliament, now Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a vote of no confidence from the opposition. In addition, the agreement raises doubts to face the next referendum and threatens her position.

So far, the disagreement member of parliament (MPs) is the hardest history of the British’ prime minister. Her cabinet and party also was divided on the idea of ​​Brexit.

Ahead of the voting, the government sent leaflets to each household around the country. That states very clearly: “This is your decision. The government will implement what you decide.” And the majorities peoples intends to out from the European Union (EU) member.

Responded of the voted, May urged the parliament to hear the people voices rather against her on the Brexit planned.

“It is clear that the House does not support this deal. But tonight’s vote tells us nothing about what it does support. Nothing about how – or even if – it intends to honour the decision the British people took in a referendum Parliament decided to hold,” she told the House of Commons on Jan. 15.

May suggested that she was leaning towards Norway. She wanted to constructive talks with the Labor lawmakers. She also said that each proposal must be “truly negotiable” and she was committed to providing referendum results.

After the defeated, Donald Tusk, president of the EU, urged that Britain to remain as member of the organization. Moreover, the European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, urged the British government to “clarify its intentions as soon as possible”.

Meanwhile, in France, President Emmanuel Macron said the EU might make improvements to one or two things related to British’ parliament disagreement.

In June 2016, the British people were asked by parliamentarians to make a decision: should Britain remain a member of the European Union or have to leave. After two and half year the planned still hard to realize.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: theinsiderstories@gmail.com