ISIS Link Reveales Attacked on Police in Cirebon

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Group affiliated with terrorist organization Islamic State is linked to the recent attach on police in a Cirebon which killed one police officer and wounded one other, according to a police document seen by TheInsiderStories. The attack took place on Friday (24/08) at Palikanci toll road in Cirebon, West Java.

At the time two patrolling police officers Dodon and Widi saw three people sitting on the side of the toll road. The two officers then summoned the three and asked them not to sit there for their safety.
“But agressively, the perpetrators attacked our officers” said Andiko, West Java Police spokesman.
He stated, one of the police officer later died due to bullet wound on the chest. Until now, Andiko said, the police can not confirmed whether the three perpetrators involve with terrorist group or not.
“We can not conclude it now, we do not know their motive yet, Our men are still in the field (investigating),” he added.
Meanwhile, a police report reviewed by TheInsiderStories showed that one of three attackers involved in the shooting, is a member of ISIS-affiliated Jamaah Anshorut Daulah (JAD )of Cirebon chapter and  has a link with death convict Aman Abdurahman.
This terrorist attack showed the ISIS affiliated group is still exist in Indonesia despite government heavy-handed crackdown against the group. Indonesian authority has arrested more 200 people since a series of suicide bombing that killed 30 people in Surabaya on May 2018 which is seen by many as measures to safeguard 2018 Asian Games.
In June 2018, Indonesia court has also convicted to death Abdurrahman, regarded as the ideological leader of JAD, a loose grouping of hundreds of Islamist radicals for masterminding four deadly attacks in Jakarta and elsewhere in Indonesia.
Last month, South Jakarta Court ruled to disband Indonesia largest Islamic State-linked organization JAD for terrorism-related activities. Beside the ban, the court also ordered the organization to pay Rp5 million (US$349,650) in fines.
Still Exist 
Despite Indonesia efforts to tackling and cornering the movement of terrorists, the last weekend attack showed that the group still has significant presence in Indonesia. There is no clear data on the number of ISIS sympathizers here in Indonesia.
But, the latest estimates by Counter Terrorism Agency showed that there were 500 Indonesian citizens joint with ISIS during the golden days of the terrorist group In Syria and hundreds of them had returned home after ISIS was defeated.
Beside that, before ISIS was banned by Indonesia government, thousands of people gathered to show of their supports for ISIS in public and private meetings.
On August 23, ISIS had released a new audio recording of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, whose whereabouts and fate remain unknown, urging followers to “persevere” and continue fighting the group’s enemies everywhere. The 54-minute audio message, titled “Give glad tidings to the patient”, was released by the extremist group’s central media arm, al-Furqan Foundation, on Wednesday (22/08).
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