Ralali raised $13M from Arbor and Addventures to build the next generation of B2B e-commerce platform. Photo by: Ralali.com

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) –​ Ralali.com, the first and largest online B2B marketplace e-commerce platform in Indonesia raised  US$13 million from three foreign investors. The startup is aiming to enable medium, small and micro enterprises (MSME) in sourcing, scaling and sustaining their business across the nation.

Reportedly, thecSeries C investment is led by Arbor Ventures of Singapore, TNB Aura of Singapore and Jo Hirao, the founder of Japan’ ZIGExN Co., Ltd., with participation of AddVentures of Thailand and Qualgro of Singapore as existing investors.

“This funding will help us scaling up our technology and our team to serve millions of Indonesian MSMEs in fulfilling their business needs through Ralali.com’s digital platform,” CEO of Ralali.com​ Joseph Aditya says in an official statement released on Thursday (07/25),

In Indonesia, the company said, MSMEs don’t have equal access to sourcing, financing, logistics and other needs as they don’t have the economy-of-scale and technology to capture their data. With more than 60 million MSMEs in the country, only less than 8​ percent of them are digitally-ready. Ralali.com finds these as a purpose to make a contribution through the technology.

The digital company currently connects 12,000 suppliers including big brands with more than half a million MSMEs across Indonesia as its users. Offering a one-stop tech-based solutions including web and mobile app for placing orders, Ralali now provides fulfillment and financing solutions for MSMEs.

“By becoming a super app, buyer of designated segment can find curated solutions on merchandises, financing and logistics relevant to their business.” Aditya said.

Since 2018 Ralali.com has made the access for MSMEs more inclusive and more efficient with B2B financing, such as micro-lending and terms-of-payment. More than 1,500 MSMEs has enjoyed this benefit to-date. Arbor Ventures, the investor joining in this round remarked.

“Having invested in many financial services, we are excited to see the growth in B2B e-commerce market in Indonesia and how Ralali.com contributes significantly to it,“ he said.

Meanwhile, with Ralali.com’ significant growth at five times in merchandize value across 2018 and on track to grow another three to fourt times across 25 cities in Indonesia this year. What is interesting about Ralali.com is that its platform has BIG Agents, on-demand freelancers to survey and educate market to go digital.

With 120,000 agents across greater Jakarta, Sumatera, Java, and Kalimantan islands, MSMEs can be reached effectively and efficiently to meet their needs through platform.

On the growth plan, Joshua Pas, Managing Director, AddVentures by SCG Group explained that they are continuously support Ralali.com with their investment and strategic collaboration with the group of companies across Southeast Asia.

“We have seen not only exponential growth in Ralali’ business but also how it has leveraged technology to create an impact to SMEs across the country,” he noted.

Written by Willy Matrona, Email: theinsiderstories@gmail.com