PT Pertamina Bina Medika IHC had signed a conditional share takeover agreement with seven state-owned as the forming of holding company, on Tuesday (06/30) - Photo by the Company

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories)  – PT Pertamina Bina Medika (Pertamedika) had signed a conditional share takeover agreement with seven state-owned as the forming of holding company, on Tuesday (06/30). The initial stage of the establishment of the holding has been started since 2019 where the company has a majority stake in one of the well-know Pelni Hospital.

The seven SOEs are PT Krakatau Steel Tbk (IDX: KRAS) as the shareholder of PT Krakatau Medika, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II as the shareholder of PT Port Hospital, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III as the shareholder of PT Pelindo Husada Citra, PT Perkebunan Nusantara X as the shareholder of PT Nusantara Medika Utama, PT Perkebunan Nusantara XI as the shareholder of PT Nusantara Sebelas Medika, PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII as the shareholder of PT Rolas Nusantara Medika, and PT Timah Tbk (IDX: TINS) as the shareholder of PT Rumah Bakti Timah Hospital.

The SOEs minister, Erick Thohir said in an official statement, starting now Pertamedika will be ranked second in the hospital group across Indonesia and nearly 4,500 beds are available. He sated, “Our next focus is to enter the transformation phase where hospitals and pharmacy must be able to collaborate to be able to improve the performance of each company.”

President director Pertamedika, Fathema Djan Rahmat added, “We are committed to completing the third phase in the near future, so later on Indonesia Healthcare Corporation will become the largest network hospital in the country.”

Since become SOEs minister, Thohir wants to lessen number of state companies not more than 42 in 10 years period through the consolidation and downsizing the subsidiaries and other units. Currently, the ministry managed 142 SOEs with 800 subsidiaries separating in 27 clusters.

“In several years we will try to slices the number of SOEs under 14 cluster, so each vice minister only manages seven to eight clusters,” he told media through a vide conference today (04/03).

In January, he was said, the ministry prepared five blueprints to balance the economic and social values ​​can be well exposed. Later on, he continued, there will be a mapping. which is heavy in cooperation, companies with large assets but large public services such as PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (IDX: BBRI) and power producer, PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara.

Then large public services such as food supplier company, Perum Bulog, and unclear companies. He urged, “Companies that are not clear we will be merged or liquidated. I’m waiting for the president’ and minister’ approval on this plan.”

He gave an example, in June, the ministry will finalize hospital cluster under the SOEs. The ministry also considered to creates mining cluster, transportation cluster, hospitality cluster, manufacturing cluster, and others.

“We will combine the hospitals and will have 6,400 beds and it will become the largest company in the country. With this grouping, expertise and company performance will be created,” said Thohir.

He affirmed will not tolerate projects based on individual or mob decisions at the companies and must be clear. He added, all SOEs must have a plan for what to do in terms of technology, not only business as usual but there must be a new way.

“Investment policies must be clear and human resource development must continue to be upgraded. The role of the commissioner must be active by not taking on the role of directors,” said the minister.

He continued, to manage the Rp8,200 trillion (US$512.5 billion) assets, he need teamwork, which is filled with people who are not only smart but also good morals. President Joko Widodo said earlier that downsizing the bureaucracy in SOEs could help accelerate state companies in the global arena.

“I hope that there will be a big leap in evaluating existing assets, to find good partners so that our SOEs truly become companies that have a good reputation in the world,” the president said, adding there was homework that needed addressing including reviving PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines to fly again, returning the profits of Garuda, and settling the debt of local manufacture PT Krakatau Steel Tbk (IDX: KRAS).

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