Kedai Sayur, announced today (05/27), that it had secured US$1.3 million of seed funding led by the global investment company, East Ventures - Photo by Kedai Sayur

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — An Indonesian startup that empowers vegetable sales, Kedai Sayur, announced today (05/27), that it had secured US$1.3 million of seed funding led by the global investment company, East Ventures. The investment will accelerate the company’ mission to onboard more vegetable hawkers as its partner.

East Ventures’ Co-Founder and Managing Partner Willson Cuaca, said Kedai Sayur is in line with the company’s two hypotheses as venture capital. He stated: “Traditional vegetable vendors are local wisdom that has been around for a long time. We want to maintain the culture through a touch of technology.”

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Kedai Sayur Adrian Hernanto revealed that through his extensive network and use of technology, he believed he could empower the market for fresh produce and prove that the economic population of any level, including mobile vegetable traders.

“Kedai Sayur also provides financing programs for partners who have limited capital to buy vehicles,” he said in an official statement.

Established at the end of 2018, Kedai Sayur has a mission to provide the best quality vegetable vendors and fresh commodity prices for their sales products.

We know that fresh commodities such as vegetables, fruit, meat and fish are consumed every day by people in Indonesia.

In 2017, the total consumption of fresh commodities in the Great Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya regions is estimated to reach $8.4 billion.

So far, according to the company, most of the sales and distribution of fresh vegetable products still rely on traditional distribution networks called ‘vegetable artisans’.

There are at least two types of vegetable traders in Indonesia, namely, first, a typical stall style that provides fresh products for customers who come and the other is the style of hawkers who use hand carts and sell their fresh products door to door.

While most customers rely on vegetable vendors to get their daily fresh produce, peddlers struggle because of the complex nature of getting high-quality fresh products but are affordable from one source, it said.

Looking at the long-standing distribution of vegetable products, Kedai Sayur intends to become an aggregator that works with several farmers and partners directly for the source and distribution of products.

Vegetable vendors who join Kedai Sayur as partners (called “Mitra Sayur”) can access these products through the Kedai Sayur application and pick up from the nearest drop-off point. For wholesalers, they can register themselves as the Sayur drop-off point, the company said.

In addition, Kedai Sayur also offers its partners with a new type of delivery vehicle called “Si Komo” (short for Kedai on Mobile) that can help them reach customers from house to house in a more efficient way.

Vehicles that are uniquely designed, according to the company, can be changed and used for other services such as delivering packages or selling food, which allows them to have additional income in addition to selling fresh produce.

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