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JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — Indonesia government decision to remove some business fields in the negative investment lists gets contrary from Chamber of Commerce and asked to postpone the implementation.

“We asked postponement of the implementation. We will give recommendation after getting inputs from associations under the chamber. Next week, we will give it in national leaders meeting,” said the Chairman Rosan Roeslani at his office on Wednesday (11/21).

He mentioned that his organization was not invited in the discussion of the new policy and did not get the socialization period. According to Roeslani, the relaxation is ambiguous.

It is claimed to manage partnership, while there is no clear stance about it. Moreover, he again stressed the bad socialization over the policy.

Besides, he added, Indonesia businessmen worried over the full open door for foreign investment. Drilling service business, for example. If China companies enter the field with lower price, domestic companies will be impacted.

Also with the labour sector–another one eased in the lists–Roeslani stated that he doubted the significant working fields it can make. He feared that it will harm the working fields made by micro and small medium enterprises.

“It needs to be assessed seriously. So I questioned, is it this urgent to be released now?” he said.

Among other things, Roeslani stated Chamber of Commerce support in the license easing for micro and small medium enterprise.

On Nov. 16, Indonesia expanded the negative investment list to attract more investment coming. The government will allowed foreign investor have 100 percent shares in 54 business fields.

Among those, foreign and domestic investors, also small medium-enterprises and cooperation can have 100 percent ownership and license easing on 25 businesses in 8 sectors.
Those are eight business fields in communication and informatics service sector, seven business fields in energy and mineral resources, three business fields in health, two business fields in transportation, two business fields in tourism, one business field in trade, one business field in labour, and one business field in forestry licenses to be eased.

“With the release of negative list, it is expected the investment value will increase,” said the Special Staff of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs (CMEA) Edy Putra Irawady during a press conference at his office.

He added, the new policy taking by the government to protect the domestic entrepreneurs from competing with foreign businessmen. Other reasoned, there is a lack of foreign investment in those various sector.

Indonesia has releasing the negative list through Presidential Regulation Number 44 Year 2016 concerning List of Closed Business Fields and List of Open Business Fields with Requirements in the Investment Sectors.

Indonesia government opened 100 percent shares ownership in 25 business fields from 8 sectors, for foreign and domestic investors, also micro and small medium enterprise. The sectors are energy and mineral resources, tourism, trade, transportation, communication and informatics, labour, forestry, and health.

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