Indonesia's anti-terrorism forces have arrested at least 10 terrorists who planned attacks during election result announcement next week.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Indonesian Police found an infiltration of a terrorist groups in a mass rally on 21-22 May 2019 in front of the Election Supervisory Agency Headquarter and surroundings. With the capture of two members of local radical network called “Gerakan Reformis Islam” (GARIS), the Police suspect that the demonstration has been ridden by other groups affiliated with fundamental groups who want to disrupt the country.

According to Spokesman Muhammad Iqbal, the disclosure of the GARIS group was based on the recognition of two people who were arrested and made suspects. In addition, both of them also claimed to want to carry out jihad in the action.

“We found two suspects from outside Jakarta, who are affiliated with the GARIS group, which is also affiliated with certain groups,” he said in Jakarta on Thursday (05/23).

Iqbal said the GARIS group was known to have declared itself supporting the President of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The GARIS group also sent members to Syria to join ISIS.

The GARIS group has been guerrilla in Indonesia for a long time under the control of Chairman Chep Hernawan, who also once claimed to be an ex-President of ISIS Indonesia and was quite familiar with several ISIS officials.

In 2014, the leader was arrested by the Cilacap Police, in Central Java, for carrying ISIS attributes from the Nusakambangan Prison. However, he claimed that he did not run the organization.

Hernawan claimed to have taken the decision to become President of ISIS Indonesia so that he would not be taken by others by understanding radicals and securing them.

“We both know that this GARIS group once made a statement as supporters of ISIS Indonesia. And they have sent their cadres to Syria. This group is no kidding,” Iqbal said.

Previously, the Police had repeatedly stated that there would be many groups who wanted to ride the May 22 action held at Election Watch. Several terrorist groups have been arrested and revealed about the plan to carry out a bomb attack in the middle of the action mass.

The Police said the planned bomb attack was made to increase the political tension between the two camps currently at odds. This strategy was used by ISIS to make the state and social order in Syria a mess.

“This is important for me to convey to the public, there are rider groups in this demonstration activity,” Iqbal explained.

Iqbal admitted, in the action to demand justice against alleged election fraud, there were also groups who wanted to provoke riots. They want to create a martyr if they sacrifice for the nation and state, even if it is done through acts of violence.

Therefore, since the beginning the police have appealed to the public not to be involved in these actions.

“These actions were carried out so that there was public anger towards the security forces. And we continue to follow this according to legal procedures, “he said.

In addition to two suspected terrorists, the police have also set 185 people behind the riots in those days. There are four of them called positive using drugs.

“There were 257 suspects who were secured. Then there were some people, if not mistaken, 4 people were positive for drugs,” he said.

In addition, Iqbal also mentioned that there were groups who infiltrated by carrying two firearms to provoke riots, where there were about 300 mobs who could be categorized as mobs who suddenly threw Molotov, stones, etc.

He said the police had found a number of evidences indicating that the riots in a number of areas of Jakarta had been planned.

The evidence included an ambulance in one party full of stones and tools, and an envelope containing money from rioting mass action.

The police also arrested 58 people suspected of being provocateurs in a demonstration in front of Watchdog which ended in riots at around 23.00-03.00 local time. The majority of the mob came from outside Jakarta, including West Java, Banten and Central Java.

Recently, the Police also announced that there were 7 peoples were killed and more than 200 injured during the riots with those figures expected to rose.

Yesterday, the government stated that it had masterminded the mastermind of the May 22, 2019 riots from among the political party elites. Although not mentioning which elite, however, it was stated that the government had known the mastermind of the riotous actions.

“So we conclude that the mastermind we already know and are under investigation further. Don’t think then we don’t know, we know. But there are things that are related to law that we must obey,” said the Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security Wiranto on Wednesday (05/22).

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: