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JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The number of foreign tourist arrivals in Indonesia during 2017 reached 14.04 million people, increased 21.88 per cent compared to 2016 which amounting to 11.52 million.

In December, foreign tourist arrivals in the country was recorded at 902,602 people, down 5.77 per cent from a year earlier, and down 0.81 per cent previous month, according to Indonesian statistics on Thursday. The decline was likely to be caused by the eruption of Mount Agung in the main tourist island, Bali in late November.

Foreign Tourist Arrivals (2014-2017)

Source: Indonesia Statistics Bureau (2018).

Bali, the center of Indonesia’s tourism industry, has not fully recovered from the risk of Mount Agung volcano and lured the most visitors from China last year, according to Suhariyanto, the statistics bureau chief.

Indonesia first raised the status on Mount Agung volcano in resort island Bali in September and the volcano erupted in late November.

The Indonesian government expects tourism income to rise significantly this year as foreign tourists into the country are expected to surge, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said.

The tourism ministry has targeted the number of foreign tourist arrivals to expand 2 million people this year to 17 million, with a projected revenues of Rp223 trillion (approx. $16.644 billion), in comparison with last year’s Rp203 trillion ($ 15.152 billion).

“The growth of foreign tourist arrivals in Indonesia is three folds higher than that in other ASEAN member nations,” Yahya said at the ministry.