Indonesian government set the reference prices for crude palm oil dan derivative products for export of US$782.03 per metric ton of CPO - Photo: Special

JAKARTA ( – Indonesia has won over the dispute on biodiesel exports to the European Union (EU), which is expected to give fresh hope to the crude palm oil (CPO) exporters and producers in the country.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled in favor of several challenges by Indonesia to the anti-dumping duties imposed on its biodiesel exports to the European Union, saying the measures needed to be changed.

The ruling is the latest in a series of legal challenges to duties the EU set in 2013 on biodiesel imports from Indonesia and Argentina.

A WTO panel on the case, brought by Indonesia in 2014, said in a ruling made public on Thursday that the EU needed to bring its measures into conformity with WTO agreements.

Argentina has already secured a WTO ruling criticizing the way the EU set anti-dumping duties. This prompted the EU to cut duties to between 4.5 and 8.1 per cent from initial rates of 22 to 25.7 per cent. While the rates for Indonesia remain those set in 2013 – between 8.8 and 20.5 per cent.

Based on statistical data, in the period 2013-2016 Indonesia’s biodiesel exports to the EU fell by 42.84 per cent, from US$ 649 million in 2013 fell to US$ 150 million in 2016. Indonesia’s EU biodiesel export value is the lowest in 2015 only US$ 68 million.