Indonesia Expands Boundary of 0% Tax on Services to Boost Trade Balance
Bank Indonesia (BI) to buy the state bond through a private placement worth of Rp397.56 trillion (US$27.43 billion) with tenure 5  -8 years as part of the burden sharing scheme to overcome the impact of the pandemic to the economy- Photo by Finance Ministry Office.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia plans to releases state bond Rp886 trillion (US$57.16 billion) in the rest of 2020, said finance minister today (04/30). In the first quarter (1Q) of 2020, the country has issued Rp221.4 trillion.

“It will be issued in the domestic, retail, private placement, and still looking the opportunity to issues global bonds. In the last two weeks the auctions has ranged between Rp35 – 45 trillion,” said the minister, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, at the hearing with parliament through video conference.

Based on the proposed 2020 State Budget, the government targeting gross issuances of the bonds worth of Rp1,289.3 trillion debt to finance the expanding deficit 5.07 percent of gross domestic products (GDP) and repay the mature bond Rp433.4 trillion. Indrawati revealed, the state budget deficit worth of Rp852.9 trillion from the original planned Rp307.2 trillion.

Beside from the bond issuances, the budget deficit and other spending around Rp150 trillion will finances from the surplus budget Rp70.46 trillion, endowment funds, public service agencies, private placements from state-owned enterprises, Indonesia Deposit Insurances, Hajj Fund, others, as well as multilateral loans up to $8 billion.

In the meeting, the minister reported in the 1Q is estimated that the economic growth around 4.5 percent, inflation 2.96 percent, average Rupiah rate 15,553 a US Dollar, interest rate 3.19 percent, average oil price $34.21 a barrel, oil lifting 701.6 million barrels, and gas lifting 1,048 million metric.

“This year’ the economic growth will depend on COVID-19 and the government consumption (56 percent of total spending),” said Indrawati.

In the proposed 2020 State Budget, she elaborated, in this year, the government’ revenues will decrease by 10 percent to Rp1,760.9 trillion or 78.9 percent of the targeted worth of Rp2,233.2 trillion. In details, tax revenue will drop 5.4 percent from Rp1,865.7 trillion to Rp1,452.5 trillion, customs duty dropped 2.2 percent from Rp223.1 trillion to Rp208.5 trillion, and non-tax revenues fell to 26.9 trillion.

State expenditure will increase 102.9 percent from the ceiling of Rp2,540.4 trillion to Rp2,613.8 trillion. Beside, the government savings the spending around Rp190 trillion, which is ministries and institutions Rp95.7 trillion, regional and village funds of Rp94.2 trillion and reallocation of reserves of Rp54.6 trillion.

The additional expenditure Rp255.1 trillion and below the lines for the national economic recovery program of Rp150 trillion.

US$1: Rp15,500

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