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Boeing 737 MAX 9 Lion Air Group (Image credit : Lion)

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian ministry of transportation will execute the results of the Lion Air JT-610 fatal crash investigation by the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT), the official said in a written statement today (11/01). It was done to improve flight safety.

The investigators have blamed American manufacturer Boeing Co., Lion Air’s staff and other issues on the JT-610 crashed a year ago. They also found that the Lion Air crash that killed all 189 people on board was doomed by a combination of aircraft design flaws, inadequate training and maintenance problems.

Director-General of Civil Aviation, Polana B. Pramesti revealed, the government would make improvements in the organization of the ministry of transportation. In addition, the government will also increase the supervision of Lion Air, which was the object of the plane crash.

“The transportation ministry will evaluate and supervise Lion Air based on the recommendations of the National Transportation Safety Committee,” she said.

Then, Lion Air must improve the technical side such as time updating and synchronization, conducting training in accordance with the level of each personnel, and ensuring the hazard reports submitted by personnel must be accessible to responsible officials.

Pramesti continued, the government will increase supervision of the implementation of standard operating procedures at Lion Air by conducting surveillance activities in the training area and operational activities in the scope of airworthiness and flight operations.

“The things mentioned above will be carried out until January 2020 so Lion Air can prepare and improve the existing system,” she said.

Other things that will be observed by the government are the airworthiness directive issued by the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the committee’s latest report on the JT610 crash, the certification process for the repair of the MCAS at B737-8 MAX as well as regional cooperation that was established between the civil aviation authorities in ASEAN to harmonize the RTS B737-8 MAX process.

“At present, the process of repairing the MCAS is still being carried out by Boeing which will then be certified by the FAA. The latest update of information provided by the FAA regarding the MCAS certification process is at the end of September 2019,” she said.

The government is also reviewing the need for simulator training sessions for pilots which will fly B737-8 MAX. This study was conducted with regional countries in ASEAN and also flight operators in Indonesia.

“Coordination among the civil aviation authorities in ASEAN which has been continuing since the B737-8 MAX was declared grounded in March 2019 will continue at the end of November 2019,” she said.

Meanwhile, after the JT-610 crash, the government has conducted a special inspection of the airworthiness aspects of all Boeing B737 MAX-8 aircraft. After the Ethiopian Airlines incident, the government ordered that all aircraft with B737 MAX-8 types operating in Indonesia be declared Temporary Grounded.

“The government also coordinates with communities and organizations international, especially the FAA to ensure the fulfillment of civil aviation safety in Indonesia,” she said.

Regarding the rights of victims’ heirs, from 189 victims of the Lion Air JT610 accident, 73 heirs have received compensation from the insurance. While 116 other heirs of the victims have not yet received compensation because they are still in the process of completing the Release and Discharge Agreement documents.

Boeing‘s representative Ibrahim Senen said that the company would be responsible for the accident that occurred a year ago by providing compensation funds to the heirs for a total of US$50 million. Each family as an heir will receive a fund of $114,500.

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