Indonesia blamed American manufacturer Boeing Co., Lion Air' staffs and other issues on the JT 610 crashed a year ago - Photo: President Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia blamed American manufacturer Boeing Co., Lion Air‘ staffs and other issues on the JT 610 crashed a year ago. The investigator also found that killed 189 peoples was doomed by a combination of aircraft design flaws, inadequate training and maintenance problems.

Based on the final report released on Friday (10/25), chairman of National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT), Soerjanto Tjahjono explained, there is critical points that led the JT 610 tragedy. He said, crashed partly because the pilots were never told how to quickly respond to malfunctions of the Boeing 737 Max 8 jet’ automated flight-control system.

Then, the jet vanished from radar after air traffic control was informed the plane had altitude and air speed issues. It plunged into the Java Sea just 13 minutes after take off on Oct. 29, 2018. The summary presented Friday identified various missteps prior to the crash.

In the preliminary report, KNKT said, Lion Air JT 610 PK-LQP had several failures since three days prior to the incident. In the preliminary findings over the crash, the agency reported Boeing 737 Max-8 airplane maintenance data book showed there were six disruptions related to speed indicator and plane elevation.

Moreover, black box’ flight data recorder (FDR) documented that the aircraft’ nose fell automatically for 24 times in 11 minutes flight. Both pilot and co-pilot had done some efforts to bring back the plane to its precondition, before finally lost control.

Commenting on the report, Prihantoro said, the accident was an unthinkable tragedy and one that the relatives and friends of those who were lost continue to mourn.

“Its essential to determine the root cause and contributing factors to the accident and take immediate corrective actions to ensure that an accident like this one never happens again,” said the officer in an official statement.

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