Indonesian government has prepared the construction of eight new toll roads to connect the strategic areas and growth centers in Java and Bali at the end of 2020 to early 2021 - Photo by Kagama

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian government budgeted Rp120.21 trillion (US$8.58 billion) for Public Works and Public Housing Ministry in 2020 that will be allocated to the development of water resources infrastructure, habitation and housing across the country.

At the hearing with the parliament on Thursday (09/19), the minister, Basuki Hadimuljono stated, the budget will be allocated to the develop of water resources Rp43.97 trillion, connectivity Rp42.95 trillion, habitation of Rp22 trillion, and housing of Rp8.48 trillion.

While the budget for human resource development reached Rp525.2 billion, construction assistance Rp725 billion, infrastructure financing Rp263.8 billion and management support, supervision, and innovation development amounted to Rp1.08 trillion.

In 2020, he went on, the ministry will continue with priority and strategic activities especially in the infrastructure sector. This is to support the achievement of national priorities, namely Infrastructure and Regional Equity and Food Security, Water, Energy, and the Environment.

“The national priorities are implemented among others through the Water Resources Management Program in the form of Increasing Water Quantity, Quality and Accessibility (which among others] includes the construction of on-going dams (49 dams),” he noted.

The budget is also used to support five Super Priority National Tourism areas Rp4.89 trillion, supporting the infrastructure of National Sports Event in Papua Rp793 billion, educational and market infrastructure Rp6 trillion.

Since January to August 2019, Indonesia has completed 19 national strategic projects (NSP) with total investment Rp87.7 trillion. The projects consist of three airports, five roads, four special economic zones, two smelters, three dams and two technological infrastructure.

Since 2016 until now, the government has completed 81 NSP with total investment Rp390 trillion, said Hadimuljono adding that it’s targeting to develop 223 NSP and other three projects.

He said, as many as 51 projects with an investment of Rp295 trillion had been completed. Then, around 27 projects, one electricity program, and one economic equality program with an investment of Rp1,348 trillion are in the construction phase and starting to operate.

While, as many as 23 projects with total costs Rp154 trillion are under construction and will be operated in 2019. In addition, as many as 78 projects with an investment of Rp1,351 trillion are in the construction phase and will be operated after 2019.

A total of five projects with an investment of Rp413 trillion are in the transaction stage and 39 projects and one aircraft industry program with investment of Rp621 trillion are in the stage setup.


Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: