Goola, startup company created by President Joko Widodo' eldest son, Gibran Rakabuming, raised initial funding of US$5 million from local venture capital Alpha JWC Ventures - Photo by the Company

Jakarta (TheInsiderStories) – Goola, startup company created by President Joko Widodo’ eldest son, Gibran Rakabuming, pocketed initial funding of US$5 million from local venture capital Alpha JWC Ventures, it said on Friday (08/16).

Rakabuming and his partner Kevin Susanto found the traditional Indonesian beverages foood start up in 2018. This startup has a mission to introduce traditional Indonesian food and drinks to urban communities through modern packaging, unique menus, and the concept of a ‘grab-and-go’ kiosk at the strategic locations.

Now, Goola has 22 beverage menus which are divided into four series namely Signature (superior product), Tea, Coffee, and Refreshing (fresh drinks).

“Goola was initially built as a conventional culinary business, but we realized that we could do something greater,” said Susanto in an official statement.

According to him, Goola is committed to using and modifying traditional recipes and ingredients from Indonesia, thus they can be accepted by urban communities and become part of their daily lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the first kiosk of Goola was opened on August 17, 2018. Currently, the startup has five outlets spread across Jakarta’ shopping centers. The company plans to open 15 additional outlets by the end of 2019 and 100 outlets in 2020.

Susanto explained with the fresh funding, Goola will realize the target of becoming a market leader in Indonesia with outlets in big and small cities, and start expanding into Southeast Asian countries next year.

“We want Goola to be at the forefront in efforts to empower Indonesian culinary delights. We want to make Goola an icon of trends and the pride of Indonesia in the world, such as Thai Tea in Thailand and bubble tea in Taiwan, “he said.

Rakabuming added, Goola will implement the ‘New Retail’ approach through the use of applications that are currently being developed.

Later, the Goola application will maximize the transaction experience of customers through online bookings without queuing, loyalty programs, and others.

To guarantee the quality of each glass served, Goola is committed not to open a franchise and will operate by themselves every new outlet. Rakabuming and Susanto believe that by becoming the first pioneer of modern beverages startup, Goola has a great opportunity to dominate the market.

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