JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia’s inflation rate in December recorded at 0.62 percent, little bit higher than previous month at 0.56 percent, statistic bureau reported today (02/01). With this figure, 2018 inflation was recorded at 3.13 percent, or lowered from a year ago 3.61 percent.

Head of Statistic Indonesia Suhariyanto explained, this inflation rate is quite restrained in accordance with the prediction of the beginning of the year in the 2018 State Budget and Bank Indonesia (BI) projections.

In the 2018 State Budget, inflation targeted to be controlled in the range of 3.5 percent, while BI projects 3.5 percent plus minus 1 percent. “If 2018 causes more because core inflation is 1.87 percent. That is if we see it based on expenditure groups,” he said.

Based on monitoring prices in 82 cities there was an inflation of 0.62 percent and only two cities had deflation. The highest deflation in Sorong is -0.15 percent and the lowest deflation in Kendari is -0.09%.

While the highest inflation occurred in Kupang by 2.09 percent. The cause of air transportation, ticket prices are rising, and the increase in chicken prices. The lowest inflation in Banda Aceh is 0.02 percent.

In 2019 the central bank predicted the inflation target still in the range of 3.5 ± 1 percent. “Of course we hope this 2019 the price of food goods and all needs can be stable and inflation is below the target,” said Suhariyanto.

BI itself claims to continue to consistently maintain price stability and strengthen policy coordination with the Government, to ensure inflation remains low and stable in this year.

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