British Prim Minister Boris Johnson - Photo by Associated Press

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories)   Speaker John Bercow blocking Boris Johnson’ latest bid to trigger a vote on his Brexit deal. British’ prime minister immediately threatens to shelve the proposal vote, if Bercow lets member parliaments (MPs) amend it, global media reported.

Bercow insisted the ‘meaningful’ vote would break the Commons convention. The refusal means Johnson’ deal has again been delayed, with legislation expected to be published later before key votes due tomorrow. 

While, the premier is planning to bring his European Union (EU) agreement before the Commons today for a fresh ‘meaningful vote’, while the government is also intending to hold a vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill and turning the agreement into law on Tuesday.

Monday’ Commons showdown comes after MPs used a special Saturday sitting of Parliament to effectively kill off the Government’ attempts to hold a vote on the premier’ Brexit deal. Instead, the Commons backed Oliver Letwin’ amendment that sought to act as an “insurance policy” against a no-deal Brexit.

On Saturday night, Johnson has sent a series of letters to the European Union in a bid to comply with the Benn Act. But while a photocopied and unsigned letter requested the three-month extension mandated under the Act, a separate covering letter spoke out against an extension.

On Monday, a European Commission spokesperson confirmed that the EU was also taking steps to ratify the deal agreed by the two sides. European Council’ president Donald Tusk is now consulting leaders of the EU27 to explain the next steps.

“From our side, of course, follow all the events in London this week very closely. What I can also add, the ratification process has been launched on the EU side,” said the spokesman.

The negotiator, Michel Barnier, debriefed EU ambassadors of the EU27 yesterday and he will debrief the European parliament’ Brexit steering group this afternoon in Strasbourg.

in Oct. 18, British and EU have reached a provisional deal on Brexit. The deal still has to pass through Commons and be formally ratified by the member states of the bloc. Members of EU will vote on the proposal on Nov. 1.

“Where there is a will, there is a deal – we have one! It’s a fair and balanced agreement for the EU and the UK and it is testament to our commitment to find solutions. I recommend that European Commission endorses this deal,” said EU’ president Jean-Claude Juncker on Oct. 17.

He adds, the deal means that there is no need for any kind of prolongation and is a fair and balanced agreement. Furthermore, he said, the deal will provides certainty on the Brexit deal.

He stated,” “It protects the rights of our citizens and it protects peace and stability on the island of Ireland. There will be no border on the island of Ireland. And the Single Market will be protected.

“And I look forward to continue my conversations with Boris, because we will start the negotiations on the future relations immediately after the deal will have been approved,” said Juncker.

After reach the a provisional deal, EU and Britain will start the debates on Nov. 1, without delay. Today, Juncket together with EU’ negotiator, Michel Barnier,will explain the deal to the 27 Heads of State or Government.

“And of course, it is for both our Parliaments to have the final say. It is not only Westminster having to approve the deal – the deal being in fact a Treaty – it is also up to the European Parliament to do the same,” said the president.

Barnier added, since day one, the EU has been united. “We negotiated with the UK as one union, one family. We put peace and people above everything else. Now it’s time to turn a page and look towards our new partnership with the UK’ Brexit,” said the negotiator.

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