The Golkar Party in the House of Representatives appointed lawmaker Bambang Soesatyo on Thursday (11/01) to replace the disgraced Setya Novanto.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian largest party Golongan Karya (Golkar) has appointed Bambang Soesatyo as the Speaker of the House Representatives replacing Setya Novanto who was indicted in a US$170 million corruption scandal late last year, Chairman of Golkar Airlangga Hartarto confirmed on Monday (15/1).

The appointment of Soesatyo was later in the day approved by the House during a Plenary Session.

Soesatyo is currently the chairman of the House’s Commission III which oversees human rights, security and legal affairs. Soesatyo will lead the parliament until 2019.

Golkar officials member Andi Sinulingga said there was no refusal in the internal to thrust Soesatyo as a candidate for House Speaker substitute Setya Novanto.

On Nov. 21 last year (2017), Novanto was relieved of his duties as chairman of Golkar party, the second biggest in Parliament. He resigned as House Speaker in December.

Novanto, 62, has been charged for allegedly receiving at least US$7.3 million in kickbacks and a Richard Mille wrist watch worth about US$135,000 for his role in ensuring the electronic identity card project would be approved by Parliament.