The provincial government of DKI Jakarta decided to extend the large-scale social distancing from 24 April to 22 May, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, said the governor - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The provincial government of DKI Jakarta decided to extend the large-scale social distancing from 24 April to 22 May, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, said the governor. The first “lockdown” period will ended tomorrow since implemented on April 10.

The regional government has proposes the territorial quarantine follows the increasing number positive cases of COVID-19 since April 1 and get approval from the minister of health, Terawan Agus Putranto on April 7 through a ministerial decree Number 9 of 2020. 

“The provincial government heard the views of experts, discussed with the health department and decided to extend the large-scale social distancing in another 28 days,” said the governor, Anies Baswedan, in a video conference today (04/22).

He explained, the policy has been taken cause there had been a significant increase of positive cases in the capital city. As of today, the number of positive cases has reached 3,264 people and death toll 301.

Based on Government Regulation Number 21 of 2020 concerning Large-Scale Social Restrictions in the Context of Handling Coronavirus Disease 2019, it stated that large-scale social distancing is limiting certain activities of residents in an area suspected of being infected with the COVID-19 in such a way as to prevent the possibility of spreading the disease.

“The legal basis is Law Number 6 of 2018 on Health Quarantine. The government has also issued a president decree on the large-scale social distancing and on the establishment of a public health emergency to carry out the mandate of the Act,” said President Joko Widodo in early April.

In his report to vice president last March, Baswedan reported has conducting the large-scale social distancing since March 16, by closed the schools, tourist areas, car free day, and limited the transportation movements. Even though, the victims still high and needs more action to prevent the impact.

To help the marginal society, on March 31, President Widodo has announced the stimulus packages worth of Rp405.1 trillion (US$26.13 billion) to curb the domestic economy, around Rp150 trillion for social safety net. Social minister, Julian Batubara added, the government has decided to gives special social assistance for Jakarta.

Inline with this policy, the government is also preparing a social protection program and economic stimulus for micro, small and medium enterprises, business people and informal workers, he adds.

In implementing the policy, the President asked the task force and his ministers prepared a guidelines for provinces, districts and cities. He also reminded  that the policy of health quarantine including regional quarantine is the authority of the central government, not the authority of regional governments.

“I hope all ministers ensure that the central-regional governments must have the same vision, have the same policy, everything must be calculated, both from the health impacts and the socio-economic impacts that exist,” he asserted.

US$1: Rp15,500

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