Bombs in Sibolga: Three Suspected Terrorists from ISIS Affiliates Arrested
Suspected bomb explosion occurs in Sibolga. Photo: Special.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – National Police Chief General Tito Karnavian said three suspected terrorists in Sibolga Sibolga City, North Sumatra were captured by the police’s anti-terror squad Densus 88. He asserted that the bomb explosion didn’t link to the simultaneous Indonesian election this year, that it was terrorism.

“All three are Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) networks affiliated with the ISIS. But the actions of the suspected terrorists have nothing to do with the election ” he said in Medan on Tuesday  (03/12) night.

Karnavian made the statement based on the police investigation result before the terror raid that triggered explosions. He explained that the perpetrator had affiliations with radical group ISIS. Thus, the network would continue to carry out terrorism as it had indoctrinated its followers regardless of the election.

He said, the arrest of the three suspected terrorists in Sibolga was the development of the arrest of a terrorist suspect in Lampung. Reportedly, Densus 88 on Friday last week had arrested one suspect, Husain Alkas Abu Hamzah, in Lampung and that the team pursued three other suspects in Sibolga. Based on Hamzah’s claim, Densus 88 had caught two suspects in different places.

Despite not revealing much information, police did say that Hamzah’s arrest is linked and based on intelligence from previous investigations on suspected terrorists.

Explosions occurred during the police terror raid at Hamzah’s house where the suspect’s wife and three children refused to surrender. According to Hamzah, his house was filled with explosive devices.

“We are ready to face the risk whatever will happen to the person because according to Hamzah, his wife is pretty harsh,” Karnavian said.

Until Tuesday night, the Densus 88 Team continued to negotiate with the Hamzah’ wife who refused to leave the house while threatening to detonate a bomb stronger than before.

Around 01.20 WIB Wednesday (03/13) there were two consecutive bomb blasts.

As a result of the bomb blast it was quite powerful from the house of suspected terrorism in Sibolga, Hamzah surrounding residents scattered to save themselves.

Allegedly, the alleged terrorist wife threw the bomb towards the residents’ house from the top of her house. The officer immediately moved to check the location of the bomb blast.

Up until this report was published, Densus 88 members and the local police resort with the help of residents are still negotiating with the suspected terrorist to surrender and hand over his wife and child.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: