President of the United States (US), Joe Biden, announced he will imposes a sanction on Myanmar military leaders, who carried out a coup last week - Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – President of the United States (US), Joe Biden, announced he will imposes a sanction on Myanmar military leaders, who carried out a coup last week. He said he had approved a new executive order allowing Washington to “immediately sanction military leaders directing the coup” and with the companies owned by them and close family members.

He acknowledge, the assault on Myanmar’ transition to democracy remains an issue of deep bipartisan concern. Before make the decision, he had a close contact with US’ allies and partners around the world, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. Last week, US  helped bring together the United Nation Security Council, issued a strong statement in support of Burmese democracy.

“Today, I again call on the Burmese military to immediately release the democratic political leaders and activists and — that they’re now detaining, including Aung San Suu Kyi. And she is — and also Win Myint, the President,” Bidden said in a written statement released on Wednesday (02/10).

He continued, the military must relinquish the power it seized and demonstrate respect for the will of the people of Myanmar as expressed in their Nov. 8′ election. He announcing a series of actions that Washington taking to begin imposing consequences on the leaders of the coup.

The US government, said Bidden, is taking steps to prevent the generals from improperly having access to the US$1 billion in Myanmar government funds held in the United States. He also approved a new executive order enabling US to immediately sanction the military leaders.

“We will identify a first round of targets this week.  And we’re also going to impose strong export controls.  And we’re freezing US assets that benefit the Burmese government, while maintaining our support for healthcare, civil society groups, and other areas that benefit the people of Burma directly,” adds by the head of state.

He continued, “And, finally, as protests grow, violence against those asserting their democratic rights is unacceptable, and going to keep calling it out. The people of Burma are making their voices heard. And the world is watching.”

Bidden assured, his country will be ready to impose and additional measures, and continue to work with our international partners to urge other nations to join us in these efforts. Earlier, Association of Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN) and international community condemn the military coup in Myanmar and arrested Suu Kyi, the leader of National League for Democracy (NLD) party that lead the country.

The arrests came amid tensions between the civilian government and the military, sparking fears of a coup. She and other senior figures from the ruling party and the regional government leaders were arrested today in early morning raids. A number of ethnic party and student leaders, as well as prominent activists and human rights defenders were also reported have been arrested.

Later in the morning, a military-owned television station announced that a one-year state of emergency was being imposed under the authority of the commander in chief, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing. This followed days of reported mounting tensions between NLD officials and military representatives ahead of the first session of the newly-elected parliament scheduled on Monday.

The military and its affiliate party, the Union Solidarity and Development Party, have alleged widespread irregularities and misconduct by the Union Election Commission in the Nov. 8, 2020 election, which saw the NLD increase its parliamentary majority. On Nov. 15, 2020, the Union Election Commission confirmed Suu Kyi and the NLD’ victory in the general elections, taking 396 of the 498 seats up for election in both chambers of parliament.

Amid the early morning arrests, internet and phone outages were reported in several parts of the country, including in the capital, Nay Pyi Taw, the largest city, Yangon, as well as Shan and Kachin States and the Mandalay and Sagaing regions. Commented a development, ASEAN members stated that have been closely following the current developments in Myanmar.

“We reiterate that the political stability in ASEAN Member States is essential to achieving a peaceful, stable and prosperous ASEAN Community. We encourage the pursuance of dialogue, reconciliation and the return to normalcy in accordance with the will and interests of the people of Myanmar,” wrote the statement.

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