Photo: PT Intermedia Capital Tbk

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Publicly listed PT Intermedia Capital Tbk (IDX: MDIA) announced will issue global bonds worth US$300 million to restructure its business entity liabilities, the company said in prospectus on Dec.28. The global bond has a tenor of five years with maximum interest of 10 per cent. Intermedia Capital will use the proceeds to restructure the debt of its subsidiary namely PT Horizon Andalas Television (ANTEVE) and PT Visi Media Asia Tbk (IDX: VIVA) with total amount $400 million. VIVA obtain loans from several creditors $230 million in 2013 and has matured Nov. 8, 2017. The unit has refinance part of the debt using loans obtained by Anteve and PT Lativi Mediakarya amounted to $173.6 million in Oct. 17.