After Tsunami, Economic Activities in Palu Started To Relieves 

Big Ship Singking in the Palu City after Tsunami - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Economic activities in the city of Palu in Central Sulawesi is started to recover gradually. The main market has been opened and many retail shops start to have a transaction with the people.

One of the example is the operation of Manonda market in West Palu. The traditional market was closed when the 7.4 Richter Scale earthquake stroke Palu last week.

Syamsul (47) who sells staple foods in the market admitted that he has sold his commodities since two days ago. He sells his commodities in  standardized price to consumers.
“Since yesterday we thought that the situation are getting better after the tsunami, we sell again ,” added the seller of salted fish.
While, some grocer in certain location in the city of Palu have ben opened. Some of the shops have served the consumers.
Spokesman of Central Sulawesi Police Hery Murwono told TheInsiderStories that the police has asked vendors in the shopping centers  to open their shops and the police will guarantee their safety by carrying out some security measures. He stated, “Police officers presence is everywhere in Palu.”
Responding to looting cases in the Palu, Murwono said, the police has arrested  92 looters in the city of Palu. The looters took electronic goods,  lubricants, and otherss in some locations in Palu.
According to National Disaster Mitigation Agency, so far 1,424 death toll has been evacuated, 1,407 dead bodies have been buried in mass grave,
badly injured 2,549 in hospital, in and outside of Palu, 113 missing, refugees 70,821 and 66,238 houses destroyed.
Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the agency’s Head of Information and Public Relations Center explained, the infrastructure recovery stiil running. Now, access road to Palu-Donggala, Palu-Poso, Palu-Mamuju is open.
Electrical conditions in Palu have been restored. “One generator unit has been operating (PLTD Silae), one unit of power plant ((PLTU Mpanau) and one unit transfer generator System (PLTA Poso),” he said.
The communication also recovered. Currently, out of the seven main parents were repaired and standby. The government also has distribute 16 of the 47 feeders, 31 outages and repair stages, 67 of 2,211 distribution stations have been operating, 2,144 distribution substations still out.
Furthermore, he said,  Wirabuana Hospital, Undata Hospital, Bhayangkara Hospital, Kartini Gas Station, Airport, Anutapura Hospital, Sisingamaraja Gas Station, Budi Agung Hospital, Safety Bala Hospital, Regional Police, Governor’s office, 12 refugee points, Mayor’s Office, Battalion 711, BMKG Office, Mosque Donggala, Donggala Regent’s Office Home already on.
He added, 12 heavy cranes also have been located. Meanwhile, for fuel supplu, six gas stations already operating in Palu City, 39 have been operating in Donggala, Sigi, 13 gas stations operate in Parigi Moutong, North Mamuju and Central Mamuju.

Nugroho said, four tankers sailing towards Donggala carry various types of fuel reaching 11.2 million liters is planned to continue to arrive. The Karmila ship is carried a premium fuel carrier docked in Donggala. The ship carries 1.2 million liters of Premium. In addition, 100 portable gas stations, fuel transport trucks and tank crews were also taken by ship.

While, this morning, Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) has departed in Palu. He will review the victims who are being treated at Wirabuana Hospital, then to the Balaroa National Park, West Palu Subdistrict, and review the Nurul Khairat Council of Dhikr.

After Friday prayer, JK will moved to Kampung Wani, Tanatopea District, Donggala Regency, and to Pantoloan Sea Port, Pantoloan Village, Tawaeli District. Furthermore, he headed for Korem 132  or Tadulako Disaster Management Command Post, and here also Vice President JK planned to lead a coordination meeting on the Handling of the Impact of Earthquake and Tsunami Disasters in Central Sulawesi Province.

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