State-run PT Telkom Indonesia (IDX: TLKM) prepared and investment as much as Rp1 trillion (US$70.92 million) to build new data centers in the fourth quarter of 2019 - Photo by TheInsiderStoies

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – State-run PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (IDX: TLKM) prepared funds around Rp1 trillion (US$70.92 million) to build new data centers in the fourth quarter of 2019, said the director last week. The company has acquired lands across the country for the planned.

The telecommunication and network provider currently owns and operates 11 data centers in Indonesia under its subsidiary PT Sigma Cipta Caraka, also known as Telkomsigma. The unit has more than 283 clients from various industries dominated by the banking and financial services sector.

In Singapore and Hong Kong, the operator owns four data centers under Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte. Ltd. (Telin Singapore).

Finance Director, Harry M. Zen, the construction of the new data center its expecting starting next year and will be operated by Telkomsigma. He stated, “A data center will only be constructed if there is enough demand from our clients.”

On Feb. 26, Chinese Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and other unit of the Telkom, PT Telekomunikasi Seluler signed a memorandum of understanding to accelerate development of Digital Indonesia in Barcelona, Spain. It said, both parties will cooperate to accelerate ecosystem and infrastructure development of fully connected digital in Indonesia.

Through this agreement, both parties will develop Joint Innovation Center 5.0, digital services exploration and talent development to support the building of Digital Indonesia.

The local operator’ digital transformation strategies aim to provide leading user experience and transform Telkomsel from a traditional telecom service provider to a leading digital and data service provider.

In 2018, Telkomsel worked with Huawei to migrate package quota management into the Unified Policy and Charging Controller through the Huawei SmartPCC solution.

On the other hand, Vice President of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla assumed, Indonesia is far behind of other countries in technology development. When other countries more concerned about technology 5.0, Indonesia is still debating about food insufficiency.

He also noted, Indonesia is still developing industry 1.0 like agriculture mechanism, industry 2.0 in using of mobile ban and industry 3.0 by involving computer’ touch. Meanwhile, using of robotic and internet of things (IoT) which are in industry 4.0 have not been implemented in Indonesia’s industry yet, even though ministry of industry launched it in 2018.

In its roadmap, Industry 4.0 means implementing of IoT and robotic in five sectors of industries, namely manufacturs, food and beverages, textile, fashion, electronic, chemical and automotive. Those 5 sectors are the most popular sectors in the world which have 84 percent of world demands.

Telkom as a group managed six businesses portfolios such as mobile, fixed line, wholeshale & international, network infrastructure, enterprise digital, and consumer digital.

The Government of Indonesia owned 52.09 percent Telkom shares while the remaining 47.91 percent shares belong to public. Telkom’ shares are traded on the Indonesian Stock Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange, which lists it as TLM.

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