Joko Widodo and Ma'ruf Amin starting their work to lead Indonesia as President and Vice President after inaugurated by People's Consultative Assembly on Sunday (20/10) - Photo by President Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Joko Widodo and Ma’ruf Amin starting their work to lead Indonesia as President and Vice President after inaugurated by People’s Consultative Assembly on Sunday (20/10). Their terms in the period of 2019 until 2024.

In his speech, Widodo targeting the country become the developing country in 2045 with gross domestic product (GDP) US$7 trillion and income per capita Rp27 million ($1,915) per month or Rp320 million per annum.

“God willing, Indonesia has come out of the income trap middle class. That is our target. Indonesia already in the top five world economies with poverty close to zero percent. We have to go there,” said head of states on the parliament yesterday.

He believed, the target very reasonable and very possible to achieve. But, he asserted, need hard work, work fast, accompanied by the productive work to reached the targets.

He noted,” In a world full of risk, that is very dynamic, and competitive, we must continue develop new ways, new values. Do not let us get stuck in a routine, monotonous. Innovation should not only be knowledge.”

In his second term, Widodo wants his ministers not oriented on the process but must be results-oriented. In the first period, he always reminded the ministers not only make or implementing the policies, but make people enjoy the service and the fruits of development.

“Our job the job delivered, not just sent. I don’t want the bureaucrat only sending. I ask and I will forced that the task of bureaucracy is making delivered,” said Widodo.

He noted, as the country with a demographic bonus, this is a big challenge and at the same time big opportunity for Indonesia. For that, president said, human resources development will become the top priority.

Second, he will continues to develop infrastructure by connecting production area with distribution area, which is facilitate access to tourist areas, to push up new jobs. Third, simplify the regulation by preparing omnibus law by sent Provision Labor Law and the Empowerment of Medium and Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) Act.

“Each of these laws will become an omnibus law, which is a law which also revises several laws, even dozens of laws,” he claimed.

Fourth, Widodo continues, simplify the bureaucracy and investment for job creation become a priority. To that, said president, he will simplify the echelon rank from 3 – 4  to just 2 levels.

“I also ask the ministers, officials and bureaucrats, in order to seriously guarantee the achievement of program objectives. For those who don’t seriously, I will not give mercy. I make sure, I will definitely fired them,” he stated. 

Fifth is economic transformation. According to him, the nation must transform from dependence on natural resources to be modern manufacturing and service competitiveness.

Ending this speech, he invite all the countrymen to be together by saying :

“Babbara Temple’ sompekku…Pura Tangkisi ’my golik…”

“My screen has been expanded …My wheel is mounted …We together towards Indonesia going forward!!!”

by Linda Silaen, Email: